The Lord Adds To The Church In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from CBIW. I do hope you are doing great in all that you do for the Lord and your family. I am here to share with you last minute news about the work in CBIW.

The Lord added sister Eposi Hannah into His body in Wotutu through the evangelistic efforts of those few students who remain on campus in order to start preparing for the courses for the next semester. This picture shows Eposi Hannah being immersed.

The report will be short because most of the students travel to their villages for a short break after the short courses. We thank God that all of them travelled safe and got to their destinations without any problems. They were encouraged to rest with their families while they get involved in local church work.

Because of the zeal and the motto of our school, wherever the students go they keep sharing the saving message. We are aware of many Cameroonians need to eat bread so we have the courage to hawk the free bread from Jesus bakery, a bakery which is always available with bread as we call those who are wallowing in need of bread.

I am thankful to god for you as you stand to support the bakery that produces bread for the hungry population God will bless you in all that you do to sustain this effort in Cameroon.

Shows the director, brother Elangwe Esowe, brother David Ballard, sister Rebecca Boluma, brother Ademe Obase and our driver, Itoe Maurice, at the airport to say thank you for coming to help train men to preach the gospel and goodbye for a work well done. The memories of brother David is still fresh in our congregation in Wotut as it was announced this morning that he arrived safe, sound, strong and healthy. We pray God to be with him and if is God’s will to come back next summer in CBIW.

Thanks very much for loving us and your suport for the school to train men to preach the gospel. Do your best to share our reports with others who will share with others.

Pray for us as we start long courses this week. We start with the Old Testament 2, Life of Christ 2, The Book of Job and Advanced English and Writing Skills. 

Stay blessed and God be with you again. Our plea for a public address system is still our cry as we get involved in church planting this semester in new communities.

Elangwe and family

Posted on July 10, 2011 .