Persecution In Chandigarh, India...

Dear Brother,

We are thankful that the Lord is keeping us and using us abundantly for His kingdom's increase in the Northern parts of India. Our previous students go to the places where people have not even heard about Jesus. 

These days a burning news is coming from Gangoh, a town of Saharanpur District in UP state. Brother SONU has been working there wholeheartedly. He was working in a private firm for his earning but recently he told me that he has left the job, because he wants to pay more time in the ministerial work. He had chosen a few villages nearby to preach the gospel. RSS (Hindu fundamentalist) people had been threatening him and asking for the past several months not to preach the gospel. After he left the job and devoting more time they were agitated and I was told that they beat him and the matter is with the police now as they have published in the local news paper also. 

Brother Sonu and the congregation there is strong enough that they do not want to stop evangelizing the villages. But as we are the people of faith in prayer, I wish that the prayers be lifted to the heavenly throne about about present situation. Throughout India, especially in the Northern part it has been difficult to share the good news, but we believe that we serve the living God and we must now stop telling about him.

Thanks for being a part in this great task. 

God Bless 

In Christ

Posted on June 5, 2011 .