Rainy Season Causes Great Damage At WCSOP...

S.O.S. We need help immediately to repair badly leaking roofs in the two buildings – the classroom block and the dormitory block. The heat of the months of October through March affected the trusses of both buildings resulting in some parts caving in and the asbestos roofing sheets cracking in several places. Some cracks in the sheets were fixed early this year when we had some rains. We had to change four sheets then. The present situation has been noticed in recent times with the unusual heavy downpours we have had in the last couple of weeks. (see attached pictures –my compound this Sunday morning at 6:40 am). When it rains the respective rooms are filled with water which runs into the adjacent rooms. We need assistance immediately to replace some forty asbestos sheets to avoid damage to the buildings and loss to the school. We have not gone half way through the rainy season yet.

Classes ended June 3, 2011. Students are using the two weeks their teachers will be taking their master’s classes to complete all assignments which they must submit before the academic year ends June 24, 2011.  That will end one year of study for the present class of students. Eight of us are enrolled in the master’s program with Brother Ted Cherry teaching Advanced Apologetics and The Preacher and His Work.

We have lost some $700 from our monthly support so far. This brings us to some hard decisions. We have started an enrollment drive for fresh students. With the rising cost of food and general goods in the country we may not be able to add to our number of students for the next academic year considering the fact that four times in the year we shall provide for about three times more students during the short courses. These are the options we face: (1) Suspend the enrollment of new students. (2) Keep the present students through their second year and graduate them before seeking fresh students. Our fear is that those who respond to enrollment drives but do not get to come to school when they seek admission do not come at all when offered admission at the next opportunity. We seek you advice in this matter.

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to serve and to you for upholding our hands in this service.

Daniel K Ampadu-Asiamah

Posted on June 13, 2011 .