Uganda And The Congo Are Growing...

The short course instructors from U.S.A., brother Ben Wright and his Christian brother and friend Brandon Rader, arrived on Sunday at 3:00 a.m in their Busia Hotel and just rested for only three hours and were at the school by 9:00 a.m. They are teaching Bible Geography and humanism. Brother Brandon started teaching in Kiswahili class with Paul Odaka as his translator from Monday to Thursday. On Friday they had a little rest. On Saturday they went to Buhatuba/Bukalikha Church of Christ to teach in a one day seminar. One man was baptized. From Monday 11th brother Ben will be teaching in Kiswahili class and on Thursday they leave for the States.  We have very much enjoyed their stay with us here in Uganda may God Bless their effort. We  appreciate also very much for the good work brother Donnie is doing. He is making sure that we get the seasoned teachers. Uganda School of Evangelism is very much proud for this wonderful opportunity to get these learned men to come and teach our students. This being the first time for these batch of students. I had some saying that they were very much privileged to be taught by teachers from U.S.A. Our long course will reopen again on 25th April. The students will be given one week to finish their assignments from the short course teachers.

On 2nd April 2011, Ruffino Muruka, from English class and Oloo Daniel and  Akilimali, from Kiswahili class, went to Buhatuba church of Christ for Evangelism. They taught five people. On the same day I went to Bubo, where Dickson Ouma preaches for a seminar. We taught few people on that day. On 9th April, Ruffino Muruka and Oloo went back to Buhatuba this time they were accompanied by Kambare Munduwabu from Kiswahili class. They went early and walked house to house. Brother Ben Wright, together with Brandon Rader, and myself joined them. When we arrived we found that they had already gone house to house. We found a man called Christopher Ngolobe whom Brandon and Ben studied with for about an hour. He was ready to be baptized in obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ. When the other group came back from house to house evangelism we had two classes taught by Ben and Brandon. After the two good lessons, we got some lunch and after lunch we went to baptize the man who was ready to be baptized. 

Christopher Ngolobe is from an Anglican faith family. He has been studying the gospel with brother Julius Wandera our former student. Wandera is moving from Lumino near the school to  Buhatuba village where his family lives. Now he will be working with brother Morris Wanyama, also a graduate of Uganda School of Evangelism. 

Reports From Congo Workers:

During the month of April the church here in Baraka did not baptize any person. We are studying with some people. I went to Uvira to visit brother Theophile Mukota Songie who wanted me to help him settle some problems with other brethren in Uvira congregation. We had our discussion well. Mtendjwa also reported to me by phone that his 10 year boy died. 

Massembe said that the congregation is going on well.  

Brother Auci Ngolo who is now the one serving the congregation of Lweba reported that his wife lost her relative in Tanzania and she was requesting $100 for transport to Tanzania. 

The congregation in Mboko is not faring well. The brethren from Baraka are the ones who have been going there, but they are in need of a bike so that they could be going on Sunday morning. 

The Uvira congregation is now going on well after some misunderstanding that was caused by a member who wanted to be leader of the congregation as opposed to the New Testament pattern. They are also planning to have another congregation about five kilometers from where they are meeting now. A group who has been meeting in Uvira town centre has moved in this area and it is becoming very hard for them to be walking to the old congregation. 

I have not received any report the Beni congregation. 

Land Needs: 
Bulukuyi Church of Christ– Uganda 
Buwero church of Christ—Uganda 
Buchawulo church of Christ– Uganda 
Bugatti Church of Christ– Uganda 
Bubo Church of Christ– Uganda 
Namafundu church of Christ– Uganda 
Nabyunyu church of Christ– Uganda 
Sirere Church of /Christ– Uganda 
Budala Church of  Christ– Uganda 
Dhohwe Church of Christ– Uganda 
Haabbomi church of Christ– Uganda 
Kitoma Church of Christ —Uganda 
Omenya (Lake View) church of Christ– Uganda. 
Mulokoni church of  Christ– Uganda 
Uvira Church of Christ—Congo 
Baraka church of Christ—Congo 
Fizi church of Christ—Congo 
Mboko Church of Christ—Congo 
Beni Church of Christ—Congo  

Erecting church Structure (building): 
All the above congregations, after getting their land, will also need church buildings.  

Congregations which  need only building: 
Buhatuba church of Christ– Uganda 
Junge church of Christ– Uganda 
Bulang’I  church of Christ—Uganda  

These congregations have a grass roof which leaks from time to time and the grass is also becoming scarce. Those churches in Uganda are meeting under a tree or under cloth cover. 

Our churches in Uganda are in the village and the cost of land (plot) is not expensive as in Congo. In Uganda  we can get at $1,000 and build a small structure with $5,000 in most areas. In Congo the land is $3,000 and above, depending of the area. 

We are talking of 100 x 100 ft plot in most areas. The brethren here can make their own bricks. These congregations in Uganda have been planted by the faculty and students of the Uganda School of Evangelism.

The Uganda School of Evangelism and Farming Institute is teaching the Bible and “how to make tents” as these men preach the gospel through farming.

Samia Mission
Uganda School of Evangelism puts an emphasis in Evangelism. Most schools of preaching in the brotherhood prepare pulpit preachers who always need a church to serve as ministers. But the Uganda School of Evangelism is mostly interested in producing evangelists, people who would be farmers, carpenters, mechanics, tailors and teachers in secular schools and still be serving Our God in the field of evangelism. In Uganda we need such people with an income who would be of great help to the church financially. The people we are reaching with the gospel are used to get handout from NGO’s, so whenever they see someone with the Bible the first thing that comes to their mind is some handouts from that preacher. But, when they see some one who is doing his own work or business for a living they will also think of doing the same for a living.   

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Francis Wechesa

Posted on May 23, 2011 .