Visakha Valley Bible College - 1st Graduation

Dear brethren at BVBID

We are so delighted to share news about the 1st graduation exercises at Visakha Valley Bible College. It is truly a blessing of our good Lord to successfully send a batch of 16 graduates from our school. We thank each one of you for your part in this accomplishment. There is a lot we can accomplish for the Lord in this pagan land. We are looking forward for the graduation of the Master Class students, which would be in the spring next year. We are excited about that.

You can view all of the pictures in the Graduation album.

Dear brethren, once again we are so thankful to each of you for your part in this accomplishment. We look forward to celebrate many more in the days to come. We are excited about seeing these graduates going out and proclaiming the word of God, may our Lord watch over and protect them and bless them in the Lord's ministry.

We are grateful to God and thankful the brethren at Bear Valley Church of Christ and also Lake Houston Church of Christ.

In Christ
Samuel Raju
John Dean Muppidi

Posted on May 2, 2011 .