Sacrificial Commitment To A Powerful Work

Dearest in Christ,

I bring to you Calvary greetings from CBIW. I do hope you are doing great and all that you planned to do during the week goes well. We praise God for you and your efforts towards the cause of Christ.

We are thankful to God as we join the host of heaven to rejoice with brother Jean accepting Christ in Wotutu on Saturday during door to door Evangelism by CBIW students. To the right is a picture of French student preacher, Mbappe Guy, who led this French speaking brother to Christ. We pray for God to continue to help the French students under going training now in CBIW so that our school will be able to meet up with both the English speaking world and French speaking world. Come and be part of this great vision to reach the lost on all angles.

In CBIW all went on well on our weekly agenda. Studies which were characterized by revision as we prepare for the second semester exams was really great . Six students who had carry over courses successfully had their re-sit this Saturday. We pray they make it.

We had a staff meeting yesterday. All the four lecturers came and we had successful deliberations on how to better improve on the welfare of our students and what has been entrusted in our hands by God which is transfer of knowledge. We all make promises to invest our all for the success of the school so that the church of Christ in Cameroon will never be the same after we shall graduate our first batch of students come 2013. The difference is already clear now as our students are zealous and devoted to serve the Lord. In all places that we have visited appreciations keep coming to the school office concerning the efforts of the students. God always blesses our effort by adding souls to His kingdom.

Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. This statement is strong among us in CBIW because it is our driving force to go far and near if need and means be. This weekend five students accompanied by the director sat on these two bikes as you can see to help the young church in Tole which was revived by the preacher of Wotutu some years ago when he graduated from NCI School of Preaching in Nigeria. Please commit us into your prayers for something better than a bike, because during rainy season and rainy days we will not be able to travel like this.

Brother Tobias and brother Manfree arrived at the Tole congregation about 45 minutes ride from Wotutu, and they were set to reach out to souls for door to door evangelism. You can see them sitting on a stone when a family does not have a seat for them. All this is to make sure that souls are brought very close to Christ nor matter the condition.

This morning in Tole congregation, under the watchful eyes of the director, brother Tobias taught the church on a wonderful topic about CHRISTIAN GROWTH. The church was highly edified by this, because this type of lesson is needed there to help this church remain focused. Two souls were restored this morning in Tole due to visitation by students on Saturday night.

The students, with me, posed for a family picture with the Tole Christians this morning. As you can see, the church is growing but just for the fact that a preacher is needed to stay there and to nurture this congregation. There are many congregations in Cameroon which are not existing again because after an effort like this no one will stay to help. Please, we are praying for God to open doors for us so that students can be going there weekly to help the church to mature. Will you love to be part of this plea? May God help us.

1) Our students will travel for their second Campaign to 14 different congregations on the 26th of May to help in Evangelism and nurturing. Please, I solicit for your support in any way for their transportation.

2) The director will spend his break moving from villages to make arrangements with chiefs because next semester CBIW students will be involved in planting churches to those villages.

3) Students in CBIW, and the entire Wotutu congregation, will enter into serious prayers and fasting for a number of issues: students campaign, short course lecturer, visions of the Wotutu congregations, good health and open doors.

Many thanks I offer to God for you. I am happy and happy for all that you are doing for the work here in Wotutu. I am assuring you that your efforts will never be forgotten because future generations will come and see your names in bold ink in the history books of our congregation and the preaching school. Many are coming to know and make a closer relationship with Christ now because of this school. Lives are changing daily because of this school. Congregations are been revived because of this school. Please do your best to tell someone about this work. Maybe he or she will love to be part of it. We shall sincerely appreciate such gestures. 

More is needed here which are all good tools to help us evangelize our communities for Jesus to be known so that many will abandon their fetish practices. Things like Public address system, generator and a van are the most pressing. Please, may God help you as you think about any way you can be of help to this vision.

Accept love from my family. My wife sends her special love to all of you as she is soliciting for something that will touch the lives of our sisters too. Pray for us we pray for you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on May 15, 2011 .