Commitment Brings Greater Vision And Growth

Dearest in Christ,

I call heaven to pour peace and love to you over there fellow laborers for Christ. I am sure you are doing just fine with the work entrusted in your hands.

I am always happy to share with you what made news in CBIW and Wotutu congregation. As I am writing this mail to you, I just returned from mission work for four days with the students of CBIW.

We had a Macedonian call to church of Christ, Dibanda about 40 kilometers from Wotutu, to involve in house to house evangelism and revival to this dying congregation. We all returned on campus safe and sound with great successes from that campaign. You will see in the information I shall share with you.

The whole week ran on well except for our vocational training class on Friday. The use of computer was interrupted by our trip to Dibanda congregation for the campaign.

Through out the month of April our chapel theme was COMMITMENT. This went on well to help the students know the importance of their studies and to be committed to it and also to the staff to continue their great sacrifice to see the school keep moving from one stage to another.

This picture shows brother Ashu finally baptized brother Wilson to put on Christ. Today was his first worship with the saints’. Keep him in your prayers.

Brother Norbert baptized sister Florence about 10 pm on Thursday night after the public lecture by me on the topic WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT SALVATION AND THE CHURCH? This topic helped the sister to embrace Jesus after hearing that salvation is for all.

Our French student Mbappe Guy baptized brother Lawrence after house to house evangelism the next day. Remember them all in your prayers for them to keep up with Christ, a total of seven souls were baptized in this village to escape the damnation of those who refused to believe the gospel when the Lord will come.

Shows brother Muofo Bernard teaching in an indoor class during the Bible lectureship. This shows that other congregations can testify to the fact that our students are growing, but they must only do that under the watchful eyes of me the director of the school, as you can see me listening keenly.

Fellow laborers of the Lord, CBIW is just four months and the Lord is using us to accomplish a lot. Please I am saying this that you should never forget us in your fervent prayers because this school will do a lot in this country if only we shall have you stand by us. Villages without congregations need us so that we shall preach the pure gospel to them and help many escape from paganism. We can only do this if the means to travel, feed students for four days in these virgin lands are available.

1) Please pray for the staff and students as we are on the last month now for long courses in our second semester. They shall begin writing exams on the the 23rd of May and the second semester campaign will start on the 26th in some 13 different village congregations. I am sending them to village congregations because that is where the greater need is found as those in the villages are still entangled with all kinds of ritualistic practices. Please support us in accomplishing this.

2) Plans are still on to establish our second congregation this month if all things are equal in Batoke village.

3) Bibles are needed as two students will travel to our first established congregation for nurturing during the next campaign.

I am thankful to you for all that you have done to see this school get to this level. Thanks for your prayers and your support to see us go places. Please continue, because your effort is not in vain. God will never pass you by when He comes to reward His servants.

I am extending the love of my family, Magdalene, my wife, Ray, my son, and two young girls that live with me, Loveling and Cheercy. We are in good health. We thank God. The Wotutu congregation is doing well. All the brothers and sisters send their greetings from this end we shall be blessed to have fellowship with you soon, physically.

Please, we shall continue to pray for you. Please do same for us. Do your best to tell someone about what is going on in Wotutu village here in Cameroon. Wotutu is just like Nazareth, but God has laid a foundation for His church here. Come and be a part of this team to see how far we can spread the gospel to help many come out from this corrupt generation before He returns.

Your brother, Elangwe and family. Happy slaves serving the King in Cameroon.
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on May 1, 2011 .