Past, Present, and Future in Honduras...

I want to inform you what has happened with the graduates of IBH.  Brother Oscar moved Monday, April 11 to a place called El Empalme de Trojes, some 25 kilometers outside of Danli. He with his family is being supported by a congregation in the U.S. to preach full time. Hector is helping with the church of El Zarzal, especially with the youth. He is organizing and preparing for evangelism; he continues with his secular studies. Yoni Gonzalez is helping the El Carmen church and the La Union congregation, also helping with the evangelism Saturdays at El Zarzal. In the church at La Union he had his first baptism. Yesterday (Thursday, April 21) both Hector and Yoni were evangelizing in Danli having studies with a Catholic family.

With respect to the new prospects for students, we continue encouraging them to study, but not having an exact date of the beginning of classes makes things complicated since the economic situation of the country affects so much and some have to work to help their families. With brother Cesar we wish to visit these brothers to encourage them personally so that they see that things are serious, but the money we were going to use in these trips was spent in the graduation and for that reason we have not been able to visit the brethren. Brothers Enrique, Gustavo, Jairo and another brother from El Paraiso are disposed; I have also a brother of Marcala la Paz. His name is Santiago Asael Mejia; he has completed his secular education, is 18 years old. There are other prospects in Olancho.

With respect to the funds we continue to receive each month, there is a total of 49,850 Lempiras. We bought two books for the library that will be very useful for the future students. The cost was 800 Lempiras for both. Also sister Mirian was paid the last 15 days that she cooked; the amount was 1,400 Lempiras. The costs of lights, and the internet are monthly.

With respect to using the building of the congregations El Zarzal and Jacaleapa are willing; in the other buildings live the preachers. One brother offered brother Enrique and his family to live in a home in Cuyali, 15 kilometers from Danli. The only cost would be his transportation to travel to the institute, the same as from Jacaleapa. I, for the moment, am living in the building of El Zarzal to take care of the equipment and furnishings of the church. If I decide to live in the building, I will be happy to lend my home so that a brother could live in it.

With reference to the masters classes, I spoke with the congregation at El Zarzal. They are in agreement in providing me the passage so as to be able to receive the classes since that will benefit them also. I do not know if on the date June 13-23 there will be campaigns, but I will inform you with anticipation if we can go or not. I hope that all goes well and that the date does not continue to change for the masters classes so we can go if that is will of God.

Brother Jesus will send you some photos of the studies he is conducting with the book Searching for Truth.  I would send some but I have no digital camera.

I hope to hear more news from you.


Posted on April 25, 2011 .