No Down Time In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Evangelism remains our strong force to reach souls that are in danger, because we know the gospel is for all. Every Saturday students with some members of Wotutu congregation spend 3 hours house to house teaching the gospel. Brother Bea was preaching the word.

Great love we express to you from this part of the world, Wotutu in Cameroon. We continue to appreciate God for His Divine care over us here in CBIW in particular, and Cameroon as a whole  at this time in Africa where peace has been taken away from many, but Cameroon still remains a peaceful island in a turbulent water.

Great is this opportunity given to me to serve the Lord as a slave, but not just a slave but a very happy slave. To God be the glory.

I and the other staff of CBIW are doing great just for the fact that some students are sick. I am sure you are doing just fine in all that you do, mostly for your involvements to accomplish the will of our God.

This week was really busy for all of us here in CBIW. Our lectures become more interesting to our students as the time of lectures keep increasing from 3 pm closing time to 4 pm without us knowing. Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Acts 1 and Life of Christ 1 are the courses we are doing now. It is exposing a lot to our students who are zealous and ready to acquire this precious knowledge to help souls in this country and beyond.

This week the students stay only in Wotutu. There was no outreach because there was no means. 

God continues to bless the efforts of these students every week as He keeps adding souls in to His kingdom in Wotutu congregation. News about souls being added in different congregations where we have worked keep coming to us, visitors continue to study with students. Brother Innocent baptized brother Martin.

This is the cross section of our worship today. We thank God as more and more people in Wotutu are desiring to know more from the scriptures which had been hiding from them by denominational dogma for long. Keep this congregation in your prayers for them to stand firm to see the students grow in the grace and knowledge of the truth.

Brother Opel, is a student teaching Sunday morning, after the Wotutu leadership has authorized them to start handling items in congregational worship. Opel today taught on CHRISTIAN ATTITUDES IN OUR COMMUNITIES. It was really wonderful and it gave opportunity for individual Christians to check and see if they are really the light where they lived to win unbelieving believers to Christ who is ready to cleanse them.

“Learning without play makes Jake a dull boy.” This is a common saying in our time. We are really cautious with this and to stay safe from ill health. I, Elangwe always organize sports to all the students to keep fit. I enjoy joking with the students from a near by village on Saturday only. This is done whenever we are spending the weekend on campus. 1 Tim. 4:8 is guiding us.

1) This Thursday, students may go to a revival mission to a small congregation about 12 kilometers from Wotutu if means be. They will be there with me for fours days to preach, teach, visit backsliders and also to revive this congregation. 

2) Next month we are to go to Batoke village to plant a congregation, if means be. Please, I appeal to you to stand by us and help us realize this dream before the students go for their second 11 days campaign to some congregations.

3) Your prayers are needed for all our visions to be attained.

If you never allowed yourself for God to use, it would have been impossible for us to reach the level we are now. This is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go, but these few steps are very fruitful. I am saying all this not to be proud or provoke you to be proud, but that you and I should join together to say OH LORD YOU ARE WORTHY TO RECEIVE OUR PRAISES. 

Continue your good work in caring for this work. In less than no time you will see how far we have gone rescuing souls who are lost to have hope again. Share this news with others. Go to our previous reports and see how you can be of help to some of our dreams, they are really needed and very important for what we are still to accomplish.

My lovely family send their love to you. Please accept it in JESUS great NAME.

Elangwe and family, serving our King with joy.

Posted on April 24, 2011 .