Not For The Faint Hearted :-)

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends,

Warning: Today's report is not for the faint-hearted or weak. It has been quite an "eventful" week, including an eight hour trip to David's birth families' place, the water truck driving into and breaking the over-head electrical line (again), a sore developing on Elijah's back and a small larvae coming out (for full story, email us) followed by him eating a small piece of a poisonous plant the next day and his lip swelling, spend-the-night company, and, last but not least, a baby was kidnapped about a block from our house (baby found and safe).

We have three great reasons to rejoice today because three precious souls obeyed the Gospel: Agness, Peniel and another man in Arusha! Thank you for the many prayers on their behalf. Agness and Trina will continue studying once or twice a week so she can be "rooted and grounded in the faith." Trina was happy to see her at both Bible class and worship. This morning Jimmy taught the men's Bible class and preached a wonderful sermon to a full house at Kisongo (included 2 visitors). The Ladies' class (about 15 in attendance) met in our almost-finished classroom and reviewed Genesis 1-9. Trina will continue to teach a non-Christian neighbor named Agatha and have a new study set up with her 15 year old niece, Grace.

Jimmy continues his study with Lembris and Rosemary, helping them to grow and stay in the Word. On the same day Rosemary, Therasia, Katherine, Agatha and Grace attended the Galatians class last Saturday. After reviewing chapter one, we discussed topics such as "freedom in Christ" and "God's Impartiality" in chapter 2 verses 1-10. It was decided, beginning this week that Trina should teach this book on Wednesday nights at the building instead of at her home on Saturdays.

And the winner is....Melody Johnson!  She was the one and only person who answered Trina’s challenge! ha/ha Last year at a home school gathering (Pow Wow) held on the camp grounds of Indian Creek Youth Camp (near Jasper, AL) we met  Melody, her husband Brady and all of their sweet children. The question/answers concerning teaching children (from Deut. 6:1-9) are:

(1)WHO should teach?  Parents, vs. 7. (2) WHAT is to be taught? "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and might (that God is to be #1 in your life) vs. 5. (3) WHEN should you teach it?During your DAILY life...when sitting in your house, walking by the way, at night and in the morning, vs. 7. (4) HOW should you teach? By example ("these words... shall be upon YOUR heart") and diligently (putting forth consistent effort) vs. 6-7. (5) WHY should you teach? So you and your family may "fear the Lord," your "days may be prolonged" and that it "may go well with you" and that you may inherit the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey (a spiritual promise land for us---Heaven) vs. 2-3.

Melody, your prize is an all-expense paid, 2-week trip to the beautiful country of Tanzania where you will experience, first-hand, the beauty and adventure of Africa! {Disclaimer:  This offer is void where prohibited and expenses paid do not include airfare, visa, passport fees, work permit fees, or anything else. Only room and board and one meal a day provided}. I know---it was a mean thing to build you up on this trip. However, you ARE most welcome to come!!! 

Love to you all!
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on April 11, 2011 .