Honduran Campaign Produces Fruit...

The date of the campaign was March 13-17.  There were 15 Hondurans, 6 Nicaraguans, 12 Salvadorans and about 100 North Americans; I do not remember the exact number, but yes I believe that was the number.  There were 15 baptisms, 10 restorations, 320 studies.  All three graduates and all the teachers of the Institute.  Your servant (Hector) worked as a translator and my brethren in evangelism.  It was a week full of work and, thanks to God we had success, although there were some health problems, but with the work of God, this does not matter.  I will upload more photos, brother, so that you can see them also.  God bless you all there and from here the students send you greetings.


Posted on March 21, 2011 .