Three Congregations, One Country...Cambodia

Greeting from Siem Reap Cambodia  

I would like to share some informations about the work in Cambodia.

Leang Dai

The church in Leang Dai is doing alright and we are very proud of a new Christian brother over there who was baptized about a month ago. He is studying hard from the bible and teaching the word of God to his friends and crew who work with him in a brick factory.

He always gets some questions from his friends and then he comes by to see Sokchea and Revy trying to get answers to answer to them.

Keep your pray for one the members in Leang Dai. Her name is Srey Mao who has suffered of her illness for over a year and now she feel better from day to day after we took her to one of the hospitals in Phnom Penh.

Now she is recommended by the doctor to go to see the doctor once a month every month.


The church there is also doing alright. Recently, Cheuy asked us as the church and school from the city to participate in helping to build the road after it was destroyed by the flood during the rainy season. The head of village over there requested the local church there to help, which just a good thing to help because it is a benefit to the church there and also a good example to the people there.

Siem Reap City

The church is doing fine. Now we encourage to all of the members to participate in spreading the gospel to friends neighbors and relatives as well. By doing that we got some good results from our orphanage (Hannah's hope) that orphans invited their friends to come to church and there are some young ladies who became Christians.

I have scheduled to teach them every Sunday evening also. Now I am working to contact another orphanage just cross from the house I rent trying to volunteer to teach English and especially the word of God.

Also on 26-27 of March we will have an annual of our lectureship that would be in the school building in Siem Reap. We invited the leaders of the church of Christ from Phnom Penh and TNT as well to participate.

All in all we have lots of work to prepare for and especially the evangelism.

In His name


Posted on February 27, 2011 .