Growing Through Studies In Arusha...

Dear Supporters, Family, and Friends,

One of the many blessings of living here is the constant beautiful weather.  You may doubt the word "constant" but truly, in my opinion, it is.  Most of the year consists of one warm, sunny day after another.  Any rainy days are wonderful and welcomed also (because we need it so badly).  In the "winter" here (May, June and July), it's a little cooler like Fall to Americans and guess what...we love it, too.

This morning, Trina woke up feeling dizzy due to some inner ear trouble. Since moving her head in any direction was beginning to make her nauseous, she took an allergy pill and stayed home.  

Studies with Katherine went well as usual.  Chapter 4 ("The Bible Predicts the Future") in How do You Know the Bible is from God  (by Apologetics Press) was the focus of our study.  When we arrived at the other study, Agness was not home (probably due to a mix-up about rescheduling).  So we visited with Therasia and she will resume studies this week.

All is well on the home-front.  The kids are super-excited that their cousin, Steven and their Grandpa are planning to visit in May...for a whole month!  They both will be involved in teaching, preaching, personal Bible studies, devotionals, handy-man work (Grandpa) and anything else we can find for them to do.

Jimmy will begin teaching the first-year students the subject of Genesis and Greek I this week. Lindsey and Abigail plan to attend the Genesis class. His study with Lembris and Rosemary continues. He was reminded in the last study of some very important things. In trying to help them grow as new Christians, he made an agreement with them that they would begin reading some portion of Scripture everyday and that they would hold each other accountable for doing so. Part of that agreement was that they write down any questions that they have and Jimmy would try to answer those questions at the next study. 

One of Lembris’ questions was along these lines. He had read in Matthew concerning the baptism of Jesus by John the baptizer. But, he also knew that John was one of the disciples of Jesus. His question was “How can John baptize Jesus and then become one of His disciples.” You probably already see Lembris’ problem. He was assuming that John the Baptizer and John the Apostle were one and the same person. Once it was explained to him that these were two different people he understood. 

This reminded Jimmy of two things. One, it is a wondrous thing to start teaching someone who is a “clean slate” so to speak, with very little knowledge of the Bible. Even the “little things” are new to them such as the very identity of the characters of the Bible. In that way they are like the small children in Bible class with minds just waiting to be filled with the Truths of Scripture. Lembris is always stating his thanks to Jimmy at the end of each study for his taking the time to help him to grow. Two, it reminded Jimmy of the blessing of having been “raised” in the Church with a Christian family to support him and help him become a Christian and grow as one. Without that start in life he would not be what and where he is today.

Lembris and Rosemary (as well as many millions in the world) never had that chance. We thank God Lembris and Rosemary can start afresh and that their children will know the blessing of being brought up in a Christian home. It is you, our supporters, who make this all possible for these good people.

We are thankful to have our brother Cy Stafford back safely with us after over two months of furlough and reporting. Please pray for his wife Stephanie and her mother Exel Aultman as Exel recovers from surgery with hopes of both of them coming to Tanzania in late March.

In Christ,

The Gee’s

Posted on February 27, 2011 .