Phanat Visits The U.S. And Several Visit Cambodia...

Dear fellow inheritants of eternal life,

I am thankful for the opportunity to report of the work of Jesus Christ for the past two months. I apologize for not giving a report for the month of October because I was away in the states to meet with some of you! It was such a blessing and happened so fast and I am glad it did. After the "Siem Reap 6" (Wes, Kathy, Sheryl, Sharon, Rachel, and Dale) came to work with us in the month of October, (and did such a wonderful job) I decided to go back with them to meet with the elders of Bear Valley in Denver, Colorado and to do a report of the work here in Cambodia for the members there as well. 

It was my first time to go back to America since I left 4 years ago. I’m really glad that I got to meet such wonderful people while I was there. I thank God for allowing me to be part of His great family. I want to thank Wes and Teri Autrey for allowing me to be a part of their family for a week. They are such a good and godly family and a wonderful example to me. I've learned so many things from them. 

I am grateful for the men and the elders of Bear Valley for being on the same page and allowing me the flexibility to contribute to the work of Christ here in Cambodia. I also want to thank them for not only flying me to America to meet with them but also flying me to Austin, Texas so that I can see my family and supporters there as well. I appreciate their generosity, love, and thoughtfulness. I was able to surprise my parents when I showed up at midnight on their front door. The look and smile on my mothers face was priceless. Needless to say, she didn’t expect me to be there, but right away she asked about my daughter, Katesana (whom I left in Cambodia with her mother). The granddaughter trumps the son every time but it's ok. 

While I was there I got to eat some of my favorite food that I miss so much as well as meet some of my closest friends and personal supporters (Trent, Andy, and Justin). I am so thankful for them and they mean so much to me. It was really good to catch up and just hang out. Of course in four years, a lot of things have changed. Most of us are married with children and it was such a wonderful time for me to see their family and fellowship with them. 

I was also able to see my old school, Southwest School of Bible Studies and visited with some of my old instructors and secretaries there who still remembered me! I enjoyed it very much. I was able to meet with the brethren in Mathis and report to them as well as the brethren who meets in Odem, Texas. It was good getting to meet brother Patrick Hammock, the minister for the church in Odem, and his family as well. Of course, He, Justin, Rick and wife, Lieh Brumback flew to Cambodia to join in the work there a day after I flew back home to Siem Reap. I appreciate so much the work that they did while they were here for two weeks. The students and staff of IBISR and the children at Hannah's Hope really benefited from their teachings and generosity. 

I want to thank Justin Guess, minister for the Mathis church of Christ, for coordinating the group from Texas to come to Cambodia. I know its not easy getting people to volunteer their time to fly oversees to a third world country. I appreciate you so much brother. We also had Bob and Lorene Burright, who are board members and supporters of Hannah's Hope come to visit the work the same week. It's their second time coming and the children love them. We appreciate their love and sacrifice as well. All in all, these past two months have been very exhausting, yet meaningful and blessed. I truly thank God for overflowing me with such goodness. I thank all of you who I've met in person for encouraging me and supporting me to continue to serve God in Cambodia. I apologize to those who I couldn’t meet personally due to the short visit of mine. Lord willing, next time. If you want to see the report with pictures about the work, please click here.


Posted on December 4, 2011 .