AWESOME! This Is Great News...

Greetings Fellow Workers:

We hope and pray all is well and that this note finds you all on the bright side of life, blessed beyond measure. We are well, blessed with good friends and wonderful fellowship in the Gospel. 

Sid Aultman and Jonathan Weimer have blessed us this week working with the Kwa Mrombo congregation. We are grateful for Sid’s leadership and love of the Gospel in leading the Hoover group each year working with us during the Safari for Souls campaign efforts here in the Arusha area. We thank God for men like these who sacrifice much for the cause of Christ.

Charles Ogutu (one of our ACSOP graduates) sent a report with the great news of a new Church plant, with twelve souls giving their lives to Christ. David Bayi (another graduate) phoned with the good news of a new brother in Christ at the new Meru congregation. Michel Mitalami (another graduate) working with a new Church plant at Monduli, reports two souls being baptized into Christ this week. What a joy it is to be a part of God’s work and to be in joint-fellowship with such godly men here in Tanzania.

Isaac Kusupa is here for a couple of weeks to help with our “Future Preacher’s Training Camp”, and our “Tanzania Christian Camp.” We visited a few minutes before Bible class this morning and he updated me on two new congregations he has helped plant in the western part of Tanzania. The Kabro congregation of twenty two souls (sixteen being baptized in the last month) and the Kumve congregation of thirty two souls (twenty seven obeying the Truth in the last month) are examples of what God is doing through the training of faithful Gospel preachers that they might teach the good people of their home lands (2 Tim. 2.2). 

“Marker” a term used to “judge” the success or lack there of is often asked for by many. This past weekend we witnessed such a “Marker.” The Monduli congregation planned and executed a four day evangelistic campaign effort. No “American Missionary” was involved directly. Yes, we have played a part in training these men and supported them in their lives and efforts, but this event was their’s totally. What a blessing it is to see these men take on the leadership responsibility we had hoped for and worked diligently toward for the past fourteen years.

We are indeed a blessed people of God to have the hope of Heaven God has promised. We are blessed to know our sins are covered by the blood of the Lamb through the Grace of God. We are blessed to have you as friends in this mission effort. We are blessed to have you all as faithful supporters in this work of God. Thank you, God bless you and may your holiday season be all you hope it to be. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on December 4, 2011 .