Numerical And Spiritual Growth In Cambodia...

Dear brethren


These are some informations concerning to the work in Siem Reap, Cambodia

1. Now we have three congregations meeting around Siem Reap, and another one down to Svay Rieng province next to the border of Vietnam.

2. We have tried to established at least five more places, but it failed. We are still continue to work on that with those places.

3. We had 6 people who have been restored and we are all happy for that.

4. We plan to grow more congregations in mind for now and we will know more after we have a leader meeting next month to discuss for a better plan and a better success for the work of our Lord.

5. The church at the border of Vietnam, they have 9 members now who meeting every Sunday and along with about 13 other people.

6. We are now separated our students into two classes (as one is for the first year students and another one is for our second year students). They are not just spending their time to study in school but they also have some evangelism not just at the weekend but at the other days as well.

7. The church keeps growing, not just numbers but spiritually as well. This month our subject to teach and preach is to deal with (IN ORDER FOR THE CHURCH TO GROW...WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?)

All in all things are doing ok now. 

Love in Christ

Posted on December 18, 2011 .