A Glimpse Of The Whole Story...

What A Week!

The “Tanzania 2000 mission effort” is a work of God sponsored by the Kensington Woods Church of Christ, located at Hattiesburg, Mississippi. But, that does not tell the whole story, not by a long shot.

2011 highlights the good that has been done, is being done and if the Lord wills, will continue into the next generation of “souls saving”. We began to dream of this effort, plan and execute the plan we could only imagine what God might do through each of you and us. 

This years “Tanzania Christian Camp” is but one of the gifts the Lord has blessed us with in our efforts to take the saving message of the Gospel to the good people of Tanzania. Through the vision of John Rice, Ben Thompson and Burt Fuller (and the many who have supported and joined them), God’s power is being manifested among the young and all those they influence for good.

Seven young souls were added to the Kingdom of God this week through this joyful effort. Thank you John, Ben, Burt and team for a job well done, to God’s glory and the saving of lost souls.

Elly was talking to me yesterday about a conversation he had with the mother of one of the campers who obeyed the Gospel this week. In talking with her she expressed a degree of confusion as to why her teenage son wanted to be baptized, because he was “sprinkled as a baby.” Elly said to the mother that this was a good question and the reason was really quite simple; “he studied from God’s Word and wanted to obey Him”. The mother said she wanted to know more about what God’s Word said, so, Elly has set a time to study with her. The Power of the Word when put into the hands and hearts of the pure at heart.

When you think about the good being done through the Andrew Connally School of Preaching (102 graduates so far), the Future Preacher’s Training Camp, the Tanzania Leadership Conference, the Safari for Souls effort, the many ladies, men and children seminars through out the year, and the list goes on and on, one can only imagine what God has in store for His Church in Tanzania in the years to come, if, we will simply allow Him to have his way and not stand in the way through small thinking and small faith! 

We thank God for all He has done, is doing and for what He has yet to do. We thank each of you for your part in this grand mission effort. We thank everyone, those who have helped, who are helping and for those God has yet to send our way. We know this much, we are indeed a most blessed people to be a part of God’s eternal purpose. May we count our many blessings and may we serve God almighty with all our hearts, minds and souls! Why, that we might receive the promise of eternal life with Him in Heaven and that others might join us on this journey of life, leading to a life with God for every!

We wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!

In Him, Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on December 18, 2011 .