2nd Annual Lectureship A Success...

Dear brethren,

Thank you for your prayers, We finished our second Annual Lectureship well. 25 churches were represented, and a total of 140 people attended. We began on the 15th and ended on 17th. The brethren enjoyed the fellowship. Today we worshiped at Nandwa church of Christ and brother Jacob Omollo preached about meekness. After worship we went to visit brother Eridadi Makokha who is sick. He had a stroke and for about six months he was just in bed at his home. The Nandwa church always sends brethren to take the Lord's Supper to him and worship with him. Pray for him, so that he may get money to go to the Hospital. God bless you all. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on December 18, 2011 .