New Class In Nepal...

Dear Brothers in Christ's Kingdom:

Greetings from Kathmandu. Our first class of students graduated in mid-September and I wanted to share in that experience. The progress I saw in those six graduates in September 2011 was something I could not imagine in January 2010. They are now all working in their home congregations [12,000 foot mountains, high hills, and east Nepal].  

Our second class of eight students began last month. Their confusion at the time reminds me of January / February 2010. It warms my heart to know that they also will make progress that has never been known in Nepal until this school opened. In January 2010 my work load increased and my frustration decreased. The Lord's kingdom has progressed with the type of Christian teaching and attitudes that will produce fruit for years.

We have great plans for this group of students. The experience of each of you in these areas are individually greater than mine. Your combined experience is something I want to use to help guide us in our work. It's "PLEASE" time.

Please send me your comments, suggestions, warnings, and ideas about the class curriculum. Please check your schedules to see if a teaching visit to Nepal is possible. You are invited. Please share this with other preachers / teachers who may want to participate in this work.

You will never know how much this work, through BVBID, and our time with you at two retreats has meant to Judy and me, and how much it has meant to the church in Nepal. Thank you for your assistance, your example, your encouragement, and your prayers.

Your brother in service ............. Jerry

Posted on December 11, 2011 .