Churches Working In Cambodia...

Dear brethren,

Things are going alright with the church and school here in Siem Reap Cambodia.

We are about to harvest now, especially in the village congregations. Also, as the church at Takam now wtih Cheouy, who is the leader for the congregation, they are trying to run the registration to cover the church there and, soon or later, they will have their own permission that they will not worry any more with the denominations around.

Sokchea, who is the leader for the congregation at Leang Dai, will marry soon with Pisey. We are happy for them to marry so that they can help the work there more.

We as the staff plan to have the church leaders meeting in Janaury, as I reported earlier. Also, this coming December 15-18 we plan to have a camp for the school to visit the beach in Cambodia, and during that time, the staff will have five personal goals to share to one another.

The bridge is working good, but as it was built a little bit small, so that the van of our orphanage can't come through, I think if we have a better driver that he can make it.

All in all the works are doing ok and we are looking forward to making contact to a group of people down in the Battambang area trying to set up Bible studies with them as they are used to the members of the denomination.

That's what I have now to share with you all and I am looking to report more next time. 

In His service

Posted on December 11, 2011 .