A Week Of Work In Cameroon...

Josh Austin and Neal Pollard recently returned from teaching in Cameroon. Josh's report is below.

The first week in Cameroon was a busy one.  I arrived safely in Wotutu at 11pm.  to the cheerful greetings of all the students.  They had been in fervent prayer for the safe journey.  Friday and Saturday was full from 5 am to 9:30 pm.  First, let me give you the daily schedule.  Speak at 5-5:30 am devotional to the students.  Speak at 5:30-6 am on the loud speaker to Wotutu and 4 other villages.  Teach class from 8-11am.  Speak at 11-11:30 am chapel to the students.  Lunch break.  Teach class from 12:30-3:30 pm.  Afternoon break.  Speak at 9-9:30 pm devotional to the students.  This is what Neal Pollard (preacher at Bear Valley) and I did for our stay at CBIW.  Neal had one week with this schedule and I had one week with this schedule.  The students have two more devotionals on top of what has been mentioned.  

Sunday we traveled about 3 or 4 hours away to worship with a congregation that one of the CBIW instructors preaches at.  I taught class with a translator to about 65 people in attendance.  Elangwe delivered the sermon.  On our way back to Wotutu we visited in three other villages with some brethren there.  As we traveled through the lush countryside, Elangwe was sharing with me the villages that did and did not have a congregation.  Several congregations are dying and in desperate need of a minister.  

You cannot help but see the impact that CBIW is already having on the brethren throughout Cameroon.  There is excitement, there is vision and there is sacrifice and that is why there is fruit.  There is no doubt of the responsibility of “training men to train others” is deeply ingrained in the staff and students alike.  They truly feel entrusted with a treasure, commissioned to take it to the world.  They value their education and training and express an indebtedness to share it.  Their work ethic and dedication is humbling to be around.  

I taught the book of Galatians the first week and Neal taught Leadership the second week.  It was such a blessing to have Neal come and teach the students on this subject.  He is a fantastic teacher and communicator and the students had rave reviews.  I am thankful Neal could come on the trip, as I learned a lot from him as well.

While Neal taught the second week, I was able to meet with the three other instructors for CBIW.  We discussed the past years positives and negatives and future opportunities.  We discussed more of the Bear Valley philosophies of training men, we discussed some future goals and we discussed their personal lives.  It was good to get to know these men better.  CBIW is truly blessed to have such a talented staff.

Josh Austin

Posted on December 11, 2011 .