The Sweet Sounds Of Arusha...

Dear Co-Workers, Family and Friends:

MUSIC TO MY EARS….“We don’t want to become members of the Lutheran church or the Pentecostal church (etc)…we just want to know what the Bible says” replied Jessica when asked why she (and niece, Maureen) wanted to study. Jessica (age 55+), previously a Muslim, converted to Christianity “because Islam brought about evil things and her Muslim husband wanted a second wife.” Worshipping with the Assembly of God (as has Maureen), Jessica has experienced challenges since her husband left. Maureen, age 17, has been staying with her aunt during a school break. Having studied for three days in a row, we set a time on Monday to learn about Jesus, the Church and Salvation. Trina needed to finish this study due to Maureen’s plans to return to her Muslim parents on Tuesday. She smiled and said, “I’m taking my Bible back home.”

NEW ARRIVAL…just about had you on that one, didn’t I? No, we’re not adopting again (nor “expecting”…my name is not SARAH) but we did welcome Anita Davidson on Tuesday! Anxious to learn about this work, she accompanied Trina on studies and a visit with Neema Loshea (a weak Christian), helped at the Monduli clinic and joined Stephanie Stafford on  studies in Kwa Mrombo. (Neema and her family were in Bible class and worship!)

“GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES…” was the topic of Genesis 21 studied in the Ladies class. Before the lesson, Trina spoke concerning teachers and their great responsibility because other ladies have been and will be teaching. Her translator and excellent Bible student/teacher, Paulina, is scheduled to teach next Sunday. We plan to approach 5 women (with "teacher-potential") and ask them to be a part of a special class to help them prepare and present lessons.

RECENTLY MENTIONED were the Kilimanjaro and Arusha Bible Schools which have been responsible for much church growth in their areas. Announced today at the Kisongo congregation was the KISONGO BIBLE SCHOOL which is scheduled to begin January 2012! The men of Kisongo intend to have degreed teachers instructing the “person in the pew,” to assist in their growth and knowledge. The greatest part of this is the fact that the local brethren came up with the idea and will be doing all the planning. Yes, they have said they will seek our advice but this just shows the idea of handing the responsibility of this work to the Africans has taken one more step.

DEAF EARS was what Trina thought the child-training lessons had fallen upon. Although she has seen some improvement, the behavior of many children had her discouraged. The saying, “consistency, thou art a jewel” was stressed yesterday in our Child-Training Class. Thankfully, there were comments that SOME are understanding and applying the Biblical principles.

OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES… What would this report be without a comment from Elijah? Out of the blue, five-year-old “Mr. I Love Everybody,” said, “When I am grown, I will love my wife.” Then Trina said, “And she will love and be good to you when you love her.” To which he replied, “Because if they {husband and wife} are bad to each other, they are being bad to God.” Where does he come up with these little gems? Pray for the marriage seminar scheduled for next year plus all the above mentioned efforts. We love and appreciate all of you!  

In Christian Love,
Jimmy, Trina and Family

Posted on November 6, 2011 .