25 Added To The Church In Mbalangi, Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept greetings from your brothers and sisters in the Wotutu congregation and the students of CBIW. I do hope you had a wonderful time with family during the Thanksgiving celebration. My prayers for you are that God will give you more opportunities to thank Him.

Two brothers from BV came to teach short courses. We appreciated their courage and made them to be like Cameroon as we prepared for them Cameroonian fabrics as a tool for great remembrance. They arrived in the USA safe and sound and enjoyed Thanksgiving with their respective families. The foot prints will remain in the hearts of men here in Cameroon. In this picture is my son, Ray, who loves to follow me around. He meets me right at the pulpit as I preached. Please keep the young man in your prayers, Let me love the things of God as he grows up. He is one year and eight months now.

I am writing this mail with thanksgiving in my heart for a successful travel back to Wotutu with all the students and members of the Wotutu congregation who went for the Bible lectureship. Thank you for your prayers and your support.

Last week was historic in CBIW, because it marked the end of the first year of our existence and our joined efforts to train men to preach. I thank you for all you did to see us through this year. It was not easy but it was great and we give glory to our King for His great works that we saw and we have reasons to appreciate Him. Please, as we shall be sending our students for the last campaign for the year, we plead with you to keep us in your prayers for more successes.

After the short courses lecturers left our shores on the 22nd of November, the students rested for one day and we were on our way to Mbalangi Church of Christ, on their invitation for us to help spread the seed in their community. The location is about 75 kilometers from Wotutu. We arrived there safe and mounted all our tools for preaching right on time as the crowd of members of the church and the villagers of Mbalangi came out to listen and watch videos from the World Video Bible School through our projector. It was a great opportunity to scatter the Seed.

The preaching was done during the day and during the night, thanks to our powerful PA system and our power pack generator which will light the whole place and attract the crowd to come and see what is going on. I say thanks to the donor and God bless and replenish the source. The tools are of great help to the work here. God bless you. The gospel went out loud and clear and the preacher was able to see his Bible while his listeners were able to read and see the face of the preacher. The face of the church of Christ in Cameroon is changing daily thanks to the coming of CBIW. We are exposing many things for people to see the great family of the church of Christ.

I was able to teach this morning on the lectureship grounds to a crowd of 523 people who came en mass to worship the Lord, and some for their very first time to witness the worship of the New Testament Church. Great things are happening in Cameroon. Keep us in your prayers so that the work here will keep growing.

Our student, Tobias Sakwe, baptized our new sister, Lizet, yesterday during house to house evangelism. Remember our motto is, evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. That sounds in the hearts of our students so they don’t misplace any opportunity to speak out the word to provoke thoughts in a prospect heart. We plant and water zealously so that God will help us rob from the strong man’s house.

Our student, Ngoe Nelson, baptized our new brother, Derick, to be added to the church in Mbalangi. Please join the host of heaven to rejoice for the 25 souls who were added into the body of Christ in Mbalangi within our four days evangelistic campaign in the village. Keep the struggling congregation in your prayers to take care of these babes, for them to grow to maturity. Keep us in your prayers to have the means to go back time and again to see how we can nurture the congregation.

The harvest is really ripe, but few laborers. I met with a sister who cried out to me to send our students to come over to Bali village where she stayed. There was a church in that village but all the brothers are backsliders, so she preaches to the rest of the sisters and follows all the items of worship. Wow, I will be sending a student there on the 2nd of December to go and help. Keep it in your prayers. 

1) Next month we shall continue evangelism in Mile Four to fully establish a congregation there.

2) We shall move to Batoke village to fully establish a congregation there. 

We are still crying for a van for evangelism when we travel out for campaign. We spend too much because we rent a van to transport us. 

Thanks to God for the first year that has passed, even though with problems. Glory goes to God for all that we did throughout.

Thank you for your prayers and support to help us realize all this. You made our thoughts and dreams come to reality. Our prayers are that God bless and keep you as we continue to grow and work for Him.

Please do your best to share this report with others who may love to be part of our visions. Thanks for standing by us. I will love to welcome your thoughts and comments. 

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on November 27, 2011 .