Reaching The End Of The First Year...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept our greetings in Jesus name. I pray this report meets you well and sound. We are excited that your worship of the Lord today was wonderful. It was great with us here. We give thanks to His name. Today in Wotutu was a sunny day from morning till now that I am writing this mail to you.

Thanks for all your prayers to us. Our programs for the week went on well, from our morning devotions, chapel, evening devotions and lectures. The short courses are going on well with the visiting lecturers from the USA.

Neal lectured in the school using a projection device, but if there are explanations that need more illustration, he will also use chalk board to transmit the knowledge into the students without any problem. He is doing a great job and the students are satisfied.

Minister Josh Austin, our coordinator, finished his lectures on the book of Galatians on Tuesday while that same day, minister Neal Pollard made his way to Cameroon safe and sound, to come and lecture on Leadership. His class is unfolding well with some members of our congregation attending. Keep these brothers in your prayers as they finish their lectures to return to the US on Tuesday night God’s willing.

Neal Pollard and our student, brother Ashu preached using our PA system that cut across the whole community of Wotutu and nearby villages. The PA system is doing greater work here in Wotutu every morning as the gospel goes into the house and hearts of people loud and clear before they enter into the day. Keep our program in your prayers.

After Josh taught Bible class this morning in Wotutu, Neal preached a sermon to a crowd of 145 people with 5 first time visitors to our congregation today. The children’s class is going on well with three teachers now, but no space again for the children in our main hall. The children demonstrated their knowledge of the Bible today in front of our congregation and our visitors to say all the 66 books of the Bible. Our worship hall is getting smaller and more sits are needed.

Today was also our fellowship meal for us to come together and appreciate God for His wonderful works and also for His help to the students in CBIW who have already stayed here for one year. Neal, Josh and myself also partook of the common meal. Oh what a family that the Lord has made for us?.

Today, after our fellowship meal, the students of CBIW were to play a soccer match with the men of our congregation. Our students were well dressed in their sporting attire. This also served as a sending forth ceremony as the students will leave for campaign and vacation on the 2 Dec 2011 to about 18 different congregations. Keep them in your prayers for God to make it fruitful.

That soccer match was interesting as many members of our congregation and many from the Wotutu village came to watch it. The local field does not have sits, so Neal and Josh sat on the green grass to watch the match in amusement. It is really great for all to see the reality of the gospel that WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST. A big lesson about the quality of Christians in the church of Christ is shown from all the short course lecturers that comes to CBIW. Minister David Ballard was in June and made great history and more fruits are being won till now. 

Thursday 24th of Nov will be the annual Bible lectureship of the churches of Christ in Cameroon. The Mbalangi church of Christ will be the host along Kumba high way. The program will start at 6 pm, but staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation will be there by 3 pm, by His grace, to sensitize the village with house to house evangelism so that many will know that something serious has come to their community.

The students will leave for campaign to 18 different congregations. Please keep them in your prayers for a successful campaign, so that souls will be rescue from bondage as we shall rob more souls from the strong man’s house. 

Many thanks to you for your prayers, deep love and support to see this work move in the speed in which it is moving. God will never pass you by when He comes with His reward. Please do not faint.

God bless you in all your endeavors. Do your best to share this report with others. God bless you. I wait to read your wonderful comments. Love is power. 

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on November 20, 2011 .