Growth In The Church And School In Togo...

Dear brothers in Christ, 

We arrived again at the end of the month of October with good news. I often said that as long as we live in this flesh we can work only for God, even though we lack money. In my reports I never stop talking about the needs of our churches and what is necessary for the development and the growth of the local assemblies.

For the church of NYIVEME, we restored a retrograde (backward) in NYIVEME and one baptized.

During the month, we recorded 15 visitors and among them 6 are liveliness to make the courses by correspondence and we study with nine others, each in their house.

First, the Center of Biblical Studies (CBS) is a powerful tool that GOD is liveliness use for the conversion of denominational churches and at the same time, the implantation of new congregations.

In August the students and some members of our local churches were in KELE-BEME for a campaign of evangelism of three days that ended with only one baptism. Today this congregation knows a light increase of members because of evangelism made there. 

On September 27th to 30th, evangelists, students and members were again at KUSUNTSU village for the campaign of evangelism of four days that ended with the baptisms of two women and one man. We made the projection of the movies such as “Jesus of Nazareth” and “Christ's Passion.” There are more than 500 people that during the four days attended to this campaign of the predication of the gospel. The theme is: The Redemption: 1. “The Plan of God's Redemption” and 2. “What must I do to be saved?” 

Sunday, after the worship, three people were baptized. A new congregation began with the evangelist, Megandjin Yaovi, and his wife and the three baptized. I will give you the continuation of the evolution of this church.

On November 24th - 27th we had in program a campaign of four days evangelism in AVEHO-TOUGBLI where the evangelist, Clement Ahanyaboe is liveliness to make something that so God wants it will become a church with baptized. We have needs of the women that must cook for all out for AVEHO-TOUGBLI because it is far from Kpalimé, to make pass the movies of “Jesus of Nazareth” and “Christ's passion” in the night and house to house in the day. As it is in a village we have need of a generator for the lighting and the projection of the movies.

The needs of the church. 

1.  The benches for places that we have just established new congregations.

2.  The hymnbooks and the Bibles.

3.  The tracts and the booklets.

Outside of these activities, there was in NOTSE-KPOTA evangelism of house to house where the brothers knocked the doors with the gospel. The evangelist, Gabriel Assogbavi, deposited the files of the church in the town hall following a call of the mayor of NOTSE October 21st. Let's pray for the registration of this church.

The eight Churches continue their daily evangelism and our only problem is the lack of the correspondence courses and Bible tracts for distribution.

All goes well with the twenty (20) students. Two students have been baptized the beginning of October. A third has just been baptized this Sunday. His name’s Baka Joel. He came from the Baptist church.

Willie arrived the night of October 25th in Kpalime and October 26th in the CBS. Teacher Komlan Akalo had arrived to continue the survey of evangelism and he had to return after teaching in Tsevie at his home. Every student finds now that they have just understood on a lot of Biblical topics: Holy Spirit and song in the worship and especially they didn't know the difference between the covenants. Student Akanya’s wife was sick and student, Bedac, has three of his children sick. Since they live north of Togo, he was called by his wife to come because of the urgency of his baby hospitalized in the hospital of Bassar. On the weekends the students who come from afar and don't leave, go to house to house to preach the gospel. What makes us default that is we miss the booklets or tracts and the correspondence courses.

The former students always work for development and the establishment of new communities.

1.  Ahanyaboe Clement Afatsawo: began the church seven (7) members.

2.  Senyo Folly: He works in Klon with his former church.

3.  David Yamba Wama: He already directs a church that him convert when he was in CBS at KPADAPE   

4.  Kokou Toulassi helps his evangelist Agbodja Gbodja, and he come of begun a survey with a group in HOLOKOPE, an enclosed village.

5.  Edoh Abraham Koumakouwe directs a church of twenty and five members (25) in AVEKPO 

6.  Kossi Gidigidi is an evangelist of the church at KPELE-BEME.   

7.  Joseph Mindamou is a policeman (soldier). He cannot be each Sunday with the church. He works daily with the prisoners in the jails of Togo, and Sundays when he is not in service he comes to worship with us. He goes to prisoners in afternoon. He asks for a motorcycle to go far with the gospel to the close to the authorities.

8.  Yaovi Amegadjin is an evangelist of the church of KUSUNTU    

Your brother in Christ:

Nyemanta Essotena
Church of Christ-Nyivemé
BP: 565 Kpalimé -TOGO/ West Africa.
Phone: (00228) 9195 88 38/ 9962 02 21/99176878

Posted on November 20, 2011 .