Listening Twice From Two Languages...

Sorry that I did not write on time. On Sunday, November 6th, I did not write this report as we did not have power on that day, and the following days my modem was a problem.  I am glad that now I am again on the Internet. 

On Sunday I went with my family and worshiped with the church of Christ that meets in Nabyunyu village in Bugiri District. We also went with brother Samson Omutele who is also one of the instructors at Uganda School of Evangelism. The preacher of this congregation, brother Sande Joseph, traveled with us to the village. On that day one man was baptized and was added on the church. I have helped this congregation rent a place of worship for a whole year after their church shelter fall down due to much rain. 

Brother Donnie, this time, has come alone for the first time since he started visiting us and teaching in Uganda School of Evangelism. This time he has combined the two classes in the hall. He teaches in English as Paul translates into Kiswahili. The students who take their instructions in English take their notes in English and those of Kiswahili take their notes in Kiswahili. Those who take their notes in English have the privilege of listening twice. Thanks very much brethren for all your support. May the Lord our God bless you as you serve him. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on November 13, 2011 .