In The Midst Of Sorrow, Great Joy...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept warm greetings from CBIW. The staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. We do hope you had a wonderful week and I know as I write now you are already in worship of our King. I wish you the best as God uses His servants in your congregation to speak out His word.

Ibe Nwachukwu was baptized by minister Abasiama, one of our lecturers, who was teaching on Tuesday. He was buried to live a new life in Christ. Abasiama baptized him with the students standing as witness to his confession of Jesus Christ.

The students in Wotutu had a wonderful service in Wotutu in my absence as I was out for a short mission trip with my family. It was a great move around with my wife and my 1 year and 7 month old son, I pray he develops interest as he grows up to have the mind to think souls, so that the thoughts will push him to go on robbing from the strong man’s house.

The week in CBIW went on well after the successful burial of our fallen brother. Things are taking shape again with sorrow in our hearts but we cannot sorrow as unbelievers. Thanks for all your prayers to us during the moment of trial.

Brother Tabe and wife visited CBIW. I invited them to come and be part of our chapel service. By so doing many in Cameroon came and saw what is going on here and to see how they can be of any help. I gave him the topic OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGES OF A 21ST CENTURY PREACHER. He did well and it was really good for our students to know ahead of time what lies in the future.

God is so good after the sorrow for our fallen brother. God gave us a moment of happiness and smiles as another accepted the gospel from our morning preaching from the PA system. Minister DavidBallard sowed seeds into his life in June and we continued to water and now with the coming of our PA system he can listen to us more and more every day before he goes out for work. The preaching on Tuesday caught him after the son and wife had already accepted. He accepted and the Lord added him. Glory to our King. Keep him and the entire family who are all Christians now, except for their little children, that God should help them walk according to His calling. They are all from Nigeria.

Our early morning preaching through the PA system is serving as a small radio in Wotutu community because the whole village can hear us from our church hall and the waves are cutting across five different villages near to Wotutu.  Keep this work in your prayers because it is working well.

The students who went there stood for a family picture with smiles after days of sorrow. Keep us in your prayers.

1) We are done with our long courses and our exams will kick off this week. See how times flies. Soon we shall send soldiers to fill pulpits and save souls. Oh we pray for that day to come. Please keep us in your prayers.

2) We also prepare to welcome the coordinator to come over and teach short courses. He is in our prayers for safe travel and other things.

3) Our plans to Batoke village are set and also plans for the annual Bible lectureship is set. Keep all this in your prayers.

Appreciations goes to God for using you to accomplish whatsoever we have accomplished in CBIW and other congregations this week. We touched a number of struggling congregations to nurture and empower. We love the work and we praise God for you who are making this work possible. God bless you and your entire family. Do your best to share this report with others who may love to come and be with us in this work.THE ONE THAT WINS SOULS IS WISE. By His grace I will share to you next week the expansion of the gospel here.

The evangelistic campaign in Bole Church of Christ, that ended today, was blessed as the Lord added four souls to His vine yard there.This is a serious follow up from the campaign. Two of our students went there last month to sow seeds and others went there to water and God with His mercy has given the increase. Rejoice with us as we join the host of Angels in Heaven.

God bless and watch over you all. 

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW.

Posted on October 30, 2011 .