Thousands Are Being Reached In India...

Dear Brother, 

Thank you very much for your kind words and the good report of the work we have been doing. We are grateful for your visit to the CITY BEAUTIFUL.

Your visiting with us has encouraged us greatly. We trust that our Lord is pleased with our determination and He gives us good courage to work for His good cause. I am getting a very good response for the New Testament commandment we have made. So far we have printed it in English and Hindi but I think that if the Lord wills, we may print it into other Indian languages. In the first Wednesday meeting that we have on Nov. 2nd, I plan to invite various people and share with them the difference between the OT & N T commandments and by that way we may be explain them the truth.

You may remember that last year we started sending daily verse to all over India in different states. Presently we have more than 1,000 people who daily receive few words from the Bible. Among them most of the people have some kind of belief or new to the faith. But they like it. Our printer (from whom we get our books printed) told me that even though he is a Hindu, but he enjoys daily reading from the Bible in his mobile.

The monthly letter is also covering a lot of people where our aim is to bring many people to one faith by sharing with them the different Bible topics and questions in an INLAND letter. We post them with a very nominal postage. Last month we printed 3,000 copies just to send as many people as we can. This letter is in Hindi. A reader from Chandigarh told me that he has kept all those letters in a file and teaches his children the Bible facts. Our target audience is different from the TFT and VOTI readers. We want to expand this to every people and all corners. Some people ask for it in English, but we don’t have presently that facility. We may do it if the Lord wills.

Brother Rajesh (who had gone home last week) has come back. Yesterday he took part in the supper. The next few weeks are going very busy for us. On 27th Brother Mangal Masih has arranged a gospel meeting at his place. We take all the students with us and if possible we will take the students to visit Wagah (India Pakistan) international border. They have a daily retreat and many people from all over India and sometimes foreigners also visit. We also may take them to Science City.

On the 2nd we are going to have a gospel meeting here and invite people. We have hired a hall for that. On the 7th I am going to attend the marriage ceremony of brother Julius' daughter in Bhopal (MP). It is more than 1000 km from here, but since it is in the mid India and Hindi speaking Belt, I think my going can benefit the college. So I will fly to Bhopal on the 7th and return back on the 8th.

Again we enjoyed your being with us and we are again thankful. The Students and the Staff send their greetings. 

In Christ

Posted on October 23, 2011 .