Sadness In The Death Of A Student In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept our greetings on behalf of the staff, students and members of the church here in Wotutu. I thank you for your prayers on our travels this weekend. It was successful one as I just returned with some students on weekend evangelism.

All our programs during the week went on well, but with extra efforts on some other activities. My heart is really heavy as I write this mail.

Please keep us in your prayers for it is not easy with us now. One of our students, Ayaubo Alfred Udosen, pass on this 11 am our time where I was still on mission and the church in Wotutu was still on session. It is not easy with us. With all our struggles here and there for his health, but finally God called him home. He was suffering from diabetes. He was the lone foreign student from Nigeria, but was resident in Wotutu. Keep us in your prayers, and his old mother, who is not able to do anything again . His corpse is in the mortuary in the general hospital in Limbe where we rushed him on Thursday from the Baptist hospital where he was admitted for the past weeks.

Brother Muofo Bernard exhorted a sister who was ready for baptism beside the river.

Sister Sheila Nwachukwu, a Nigerian resident in Cameroon, lives in the same compound with the students. She has been worshipping with us for the past four months and finally believed the message this Saturday after our morning devotion with our PA system. On her bed she could listen to the truth and then asked many questions as usual from the students. This is the same family that minister David Ballard gave the husband a copy of his New Testament lecture notes. The son read through it and came for his baptism a few weeks ago. Today the wife is added to the glory of our King. Please keep her in your prayers because she is from a family where the brother is a general  overseer in a denomination in Nigeria. She is ready to expose the truth to the entire family.

She is ready for the task ahead to bring her entire family to Christ. Please help her in prayers. Let her walk according to the purpose of her calling.

I have been preaching in a struggling village congregation in Boa Bakundu. The congregation is located above 80 kilometers away from Wotutu.

The church of Christ in Boa Bakundu now has a permanent site. Keep them in your prayers. Students from CBIW used to go there to help the congregation.

The congregation is participating in worship this morning. They are still requesting our students to keep coming because it is changing and helping the growth and nurturing of the congregation. Keep us in your prayers.

We are set to attend the invitation of Muyuka church of Christ for the four days evangelism. Keep this work in your prayers.

Next month we shall equally travel to another invitation in Mbalangi church of Christ for the Annual Bible lectureship in Cameroon.

I am sorry that it is not easy with me as I mail you because the death of brother Ayaubo has caused stress to all here. Keep us in your prayers. I am here to comfort the other students, to bear it .

Do your best to share our reports as usual with others. God bless you and your entire family. We love you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on October 23, 2011 .