Evangelistic Outreach In Chimala...

The school week is going well as we teach Bible Geography and the book of Hebrews. The students are creating five sermons from Hebrews and identifying the major places on the map of the Biblical story. Besides the school work, our students spent the weekend in evangelistic activities. One group went to the border of Malawi and Tanzania to have a friendship seminar.  Ezekiel, one of our instructors, spoke on the Family, and Joshua, our Dean of Students, spoke on the Churches Mission. Ezekiel and the students also spent much time with the children singing songs and teaching the Bible. Speaking of Ezekiel, he won an award from the district school system for teaching Bible Knowledge at our local secondary school.

At another point this weekend other teachers and students visited Uturo and Ukwama. On Saturday they had a Bible study with 12 people. Two members of the church were restored. We traveled to Chang’ombe on Sunday and the service was led by our students. We preached on The Five Duties of a Christian and after a baptism of last week the students studied with some who attended that afternoon and a young man obeyed Christ and was baptized. In other activities the teachers reported 1 baptism and two restorations at Kapunga.  

One of the inspiring stories of our student’s activities concerns the church at Chang’ombe. After driving them there this weekend they let me know some of them had been borrowing bicycles to make the trip to help the church there. Well, driving down these rough roads took us about 1 hour in our Land Cruiser; so I was impressed they had been taking bicycles. Another work of the students is having classes for our high school students on Sunday. They spend many hours with the students teaching and answering questions. Many are not Christians when they come to the Primary and Secondary school here at Chimala, so we are proud the students take this upon themselves to share what they learn in classes with these students. 

Yes, school is going well. We are planning for graduation. Boaz said today he is finishing his Swahili class on The Holy Spirit. Joseph has recruited a fine class of Swahili students for next year. The other classes are going well as the quarter winds down. In addition, our students are getting the “hands on” training they need in teaching and preaching the Gospel to others.

Garry L. Hill                                                                                                                                                       Coordinator

Posted on October 23, 2011 .