Opportunities Grow In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

I bring greetings from the staff, students and the entire Wotutu congregation. I do hope you are doing great in your endeavors, mostly in the line of nurturing and saving souls. It is 6: 45 pm here in Cameroon and our worship was great. We give glory to God for all that we do.

Many thanks to God for Sister Miriam Ike as she accepted the gospel in the cause of the week. She came to my office and told me I am ready to be baptized after two years of worshipping with the Wotutu congregation but refused to be baptize, claiming her sprinkling stuff that she took in Presbyterian was correct. I encouraged her not to worry much but let her continue to worship and study. So finally our student preacher, Nsong Eddie Nelson, baptized her to put on Christ. Join us with the host of angels to rejoice with us. We are thankful to God for the ability He gave us to steal from the strong man’s house. Keep her in your prayers so that most of her family members will follow her footsteps. She is the first to get baptize in a family of 8.

The week was a great one as usual in CBIW. All of our school programs went on well. Our weekly theme was BE TRANSFORMED (ROM 12:1-2). This was aimed at helping both the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation to know that as they eat food to grow in size physically they too need to grow spiritually, and to keep themselves from anything that will disturb their spirituality. Let people see Christ in us in all locations.

Evangelism remains top on our agenda in the week because we think souls and we are always ready to rob from the strong man’s house. Our students went to Tole village in a tea farm with house to house evangelism. They don’t allow any stone upturned with the gospel. We shall invest more time in Tole now as our tools for evangelism are here, like a powerful PA system generator etc. Keep our vision in your prayers to breakthrough and rescue perishing souls.

The Wotutu congregation held Bible studies this morning. We had a wonderful time with one another. We had 6 first time visitors in our worship who expressed great insight on the New Testament way of worship away from Pentecostalism. The total population in worship this day was 114 in attendance. I appreciate God for all He is doing in our congregation here in Wotutu. We shall install our PA system and we shall be broadcasting our worship, devotions and Bible studies which will allow our voices far from our church hall. Many that we cannot see when we our out for evangelism will be able to hear the saving message loud and clear in their homes. Keep this plan in your prayers.

As the Lord is adding souls in His vine yard He is also blessing families in His body with children. Three consecutive times my report has always carried pictures of a new born baby in the family of the church. Sister Mercy brought her new born baby girl into the church today for prayers. She had a safe delivery. Keep them with the falling brother in your prayers.

I exhorted the church about her life and her devotions to the Lord that many should emulate. I exhorted the church from the book of 1 Samuel 1:10-11, that we should remain steadfast in our doing. It is a problem in Africa if a sister is married and cannot conceive a child, It leads to many problems. That is why if God blesses a sister there is great joy in the family and in the family of God. The church contributed soap and gave it to the family.

Our mission campaign to Batoke village is in progress as we are almost done with all the planning.

We are still studying the invitation given to us by Muyuka church of Christ to come over and help for 4 days. We pray to God for the means to go so that we can go and help the church there from the 27th -30th . The same invitation awaits us in November 24th -27th  to Mbalangi church of Christ for our annual Bible lectureship for the churches of Christ in Cameroon. It is always a big event and we pray by His grace to be part of it to help and also expose our school and what we are doing. Our presence will be great and our students too will benefit from the gathering.

Many thanks to you, your family and the entire family of God where you worship for all your  prayers and support to keep our dreams going. Our prayer for you is that God will replenish and continue His wonderful blessings in your life and the lives of those close to you. Keep this work in your prayers and continue to stand by us it is bearing fruits, to God be the glory.

Pray the more:
Brother Ayaubo is still sick. We are still there for him but it is not easy with the means.

One of our students, a French speaking brother Mbappe Guy Ekoulle, was dismissed from CBIW because he was unable to uphold the standards of the Bible and the rules of the school. We pray he will repent fully and later on think about his preaching calling.

Thanks very much and may God bless you as you share this report with others to know what is happening here in CBIW and Cameroon as a whole. Stay strong in the Lord.

Evangelist Elangwe and family
By His grace and Director CBIW

Posted on October 17, 2011 .