Twenty New Students Begin In Togo...

We have twenty students in the new class. The classes began on September 12. The students are very regular to the course. The courses begin during the mornings about 8 am to 12:30 pm and in the evening about 3 pm and ending at 5:15 pm Monday to Friday, except Wednesday evening doesn't have class. Every morning an early devotion is done by the students about 7:30 am to 7:50 am. The are six teachers, three teachers come from afar: Lome, Tsevie, Avetonou, and the other three are in Kpalime.  

The new place where we make the courses is a quiet place. A big number of the students are lodged there, and some live with me in the former place. Our device for the photocopy has serious problems. Every time one makes the maintenance so that the copies improve. The number of the students is raised and the courses are big volumes. Some time I miss to make the copies to the students, or I must wait until the arrival of Willie Gley to make the copies of the lessons for the teachers and for the students, and of other things again.

The Center misses the kitchen where the students should prepare their food. They buy every day food that sells near the road to eat. In the first month, the half of the students suffered from some illnesses. They have been treated at the hospital.

The program of evangelism:
Evangelism to establish the new congregations continues. After evangelizing Kpadape and Kpele-beme we programmed to continue evangelism in Kusuntsu in September since Willie had not come in Togo, and we reported evangelism on the 27th to October 30th. The eight evangelists work hard for the development of the church in the region. A new congregation is to begin in Aveho-toughbli with seven members and their evangelist is Ahanyaboe Afatawo Clement.

Concerning the evangelists, the major problem that I have is the help that was given them every month until now didn't come anymore in this month of September, and this help was twenty five thousand francs and some cannot pay their expenses of renting.

For the first part of the first year, I planned ten subjects for the bases for the beginning. A teacher has 40 hours to teach a subject.


Posted on October 16, 2011 .