Flight To Mbeya Aids The Work In Chimala...

I traveled back from the states after attending the Bear Valley retreat in September. The other weeks we were home, I traveled to various congregations in Georgia, Kentucky and Alabama raising funds for the work. I was able for the first time to fly in a small plane from Dar es Salam to Mbeya, near the mission. This is exciting to me and the short course teachers who will be coming for it shortens our long arduous trip to the school from the capital. Immediately upon returning, I met with the faculty, and the school was doing well. I began to teach my Hebrews class for the second year students and the Bible Geography class for the first year students. The staff and I also planned recruiting trips for the next few weeks to interview new students for the 2012 year. We had the new signs painted for the school and made sure the grades were up to date in the data base. 

The first weekend we all, students and teachers went out to preach the gospel. Four full cars left the mission early Sunday morning. Teachers, Joseph, Frank and Xaveer  left to travel 26 km to Kapunga. They brought four students and spent the day preaching and going house to house sharing the gospel with the village. The sermon was on the Excuses of Moses and they encouraged the congregation to not offer excuses for not doing the Lords work. This group plans on returning next week and spending all day Saturday in the village and Sunday preaching. 

Another two full cars left with teachers, Remmy, Boaz, Ezekiel, Menard, Don and myself. The first group went to Chang’ombe where Blessings, one of our second year students, preached on Being an Example. The afternoon was spent going house to house and by the time the group came home a new sister was added to the church and a brother was restored. 

Boaz preached at Ukwama on The Authority of the Bible and then spent the day with the students in doing Bible studies.  At Uturo, I was able to preach on Someone Cares for your Soul. The building was full and Israel and others led singing, directed the Lord’s Supper and led the prayers. Students spent the rest of the day there doing Bible studies and William, one of our first year students, preached there in the afternoon on A Spiritual Home.

Joshua, the Bible Institutes Dean of Students, went another 25 km away from Uturo to Mabadaga Mtoni. He brought Silence and Micah with him. Silence preached and Micah spoke at the Lord’s Supper. They spent the afternoon visiting the “sick folks” and encouraging the brethren. 

Yes, we all returned to the mission in the four cars by dark, tired and exhausted. But more importantly, we knew we faced another full week of classes, Bible study and work, and then could put this study to good use as we all made plans to go out next weekend with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It has also been an exciting week here at the Chimala Bible Institute with Bob Turner, Director of the Extension program, arriving on the small plane in Mbeya Tuesday. The students and faculty have been looking forward to his trip for a long time. He immediately went to work, speaking twice in chapel on Why Be Afraid and our Responsibility to Prepare for Heaven. He reminded the students we are to tell others to prepare, this is why we are in the program. Bob explained to us the overall mission of the BVBID program in training preachers to tell others (2 Timothy 2:2).

Bob then taught the 1st and 2nd year English students on leadership. As evidenced by the smiles and excitement on their faces as they left the classroom the lesson was well received. Bob traveled with us and many of our students to speak at the old historical congregation in Chimala on Wednesday night. Bob preached a powerful lesson on the Names of God from the book of Genesis. Thursday after chapel Bob met with the faculty and explained the overall work of the 15 schools in the BVBID extension program. He then challenged us with future goal and dreams. 

Bobs trip was inspiring to us all. As he entered the small plane in Mbeya to go visit other schools, what he left us all was a greater awareness of the great work the Lord has given us all in training others to teach others also. We are all committed to this great task and ever thankful to our Great God for the opportunity.

Garry L. Hill,  Coordinator

Posted on October 16, 2011 .