Graduation And New Class Begins At WCSOP...

We are expecting two more for the junior class next quarter. They need time to get off their jobs to be able to attend full time. The picture to the right is the present junior class of students at the West Coast School of Preaching.




The picture to the left is a picture of the present senior class at the WCSOP.

The other picture to the right and below is of the new title holders - George the youngest, and Solomon the oldest on campus.

The mortal remains of our late sister Augustina will be laid to rest after her funeral service on Saturday, October 22, 2011. The school and the Ituma church still mourn her death, especially when she fell on duty and was rushed to the hospital never to come to the campus again. Please, continue to pray for her husband and their four children.

We have taken advantage of the favorable weather to plant some cassava on our school land. Cassava combines with plantain to give us a favorite Ghanaian staple, fufu. We could harvest the cassava by February next year, but the plantain will take longer.

Our 11th graduation is some three weeks away, November 5, 2011. We are praying the weather will be favorable. We have had to do a graduation on a rainy day. It was an unpleasant experience, as the canopies under which we sat dripped with water. Bear Valley will be represented by Gary Fallis. He will be our Guest Speaker and will also hand over the certificates to the 11 men who will graduate that day. This will be the first time our students will be awarded Bear Valley certificates since West Coast became an extension school. The master’s classes will begin on the Monday after the graduation. It will run from November 7 to 18 and will be taught by brother Fallis.

We have had much rains this year. There was not much of a break between the major and  minor seasons. Floods have been reported in various parts of the country almost every week. This has affected many of our national road networks. Our access road to the school has not been spared – it has suffered much damage making it unusable when it rains. It can however be sued with some difficulty when the ground is dry and firm.

Brethren, continue to pray for us
Daniel Ampadu-Asiamah

Posted on October 15, 2011 .