Great News In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism remains a priority in our agenda. Every Saturday all students and members of the Wotutu congregation go out for house to house evangelism meeting people in their homes and sharing the gospel with them. Then after that I will go out in the evening visiting our Christians in their home pray with them and share words of appreciations and encouragement to them.

Below, brother Mbappe Guy shared the word to our closest neighbor’s son, whom David Ballard preached to the father last June 2011 and gave him a copy of his lecture on the New Testament church. The son spent some time to read through it and came last Sunday to the church and asked many questions about the church of Christ and other denominations. He had greatexplanations from me and the students and at the river side Mbappe read another scripture for him to really know and consider his decision.

Brother Kelechi said, I have seen the truth and I am ready to follow the truth. So the father said he cannot stop the son from following the truth, so in the picture above and right, Kelechi was baptized on Tuesday  4th of October. Please keep him in your prayers so that through him his father and mother who are worshipping with us and have not accepted baptism because they said they were immersed in a denomination will finally believe the truth about the sin of denominationalism and will be baptized to be added to the body of Christ which is not a denomination.

Accept warm greetings from all the staff, students and the entire members of the Wotutu congregation. We just had a wonderful worship service today with many first time visitors. As I write this report to you it is 2:45 pm here in Cameroon. Today is our presidential election day and Cameroonians are practicing their civic rights today in total peace as usual. Keep the country in your prayers that this peace should continue in our fatherland. Cameroon is described by historians and geographers as a peaceful island in turbulent waters. They are referring to other African countries where there is always uprising and civil wars but Cameroon is always peaceful and we give God thanks for that.

Our week in CBIW was hectic and busy from our lectures and all other activities. We thank God that all is going on well and God is using us in many ways to fulfill His mission here on earth. I came back safe and sound from a short personal evangelism visit to assess the work we are planning to do to fully establish a congregation in Batoke village.

Let me share with you what made news here in CBIW and the Wotutu congregation and other congregations close to us.

Our students are making good use of the library as they do their research and assignment and other findings which is part of their studies. I appreciate many who donated books to our small library and I pray  God to use more people to think about us by sending books as we continue to build our library.

This week on Friday minister Ameli Martin from came visiting to CBIW. He is also the president of the board of trustees of the churches of Christ in Cameroon. He expressed great satisfaction about what is happening in CBIW and prayed God to bless all those who are standing by this school in prayers and finance to sustain this school that God should reward them in hundreds fold. Many more ministers will be visiting in the course of the month.

Yesterday, Saturday 8 October, God blessed our efforts by adding Ivo Esange into the body here in Wotutu. Our student, brother Muofo Bernard, baptized him late in the night to put on Christ. Please keep brother Ivo in your prayers to walk worthy of his calling. He worshiped today alongside his wife and a son giving me another opportunity to talk to them and pray with them in my office after service. May God give the increase as we plant and water the seed of the gospel.

Brother Patrick brought his new born baby today to the church for the church to pray for the baby. The wife also came, who is not a believer. We are happy because she saw and enjoyed the fellowship with the saints of Wotutu today. This is an opening for us to help her see the truth and be a Christian and just a Christian. I exhorted them and the entire church from psalms 127:3-5, that they should be careful with God’s gift. My wife carried the baby as I exhorted the congregation in Wotutu this morning. Please also keep my wife in your prayers as the Lord added one year in her life yesterday 8/10/11. My wife is 30 years now. To God be the glory.

Our program to Batoke village will come up soon as we are still putting tools for evangelism in place. We appreciate God that we have a stand by generator now and projector, but we are waiting for the PA system which will come by His grace very soon and by then we shall finalize the preparation to establish the Lord’s church in that community. Keep it in your prayers for God to direct our plans and our steps.

The Muyuka church of Christ has invited us to come over to them and help in evangelizing their community for four days from the 27 to the 30th of October. We shall happily go which is part of our vision, but we don’t have a van and we don’t have money in school to hire a van that will take all of us to the place.

Another invitation has come to my office as the Mbalangi church of Christ is inviting us to come to their community to help in evangelism and nurturing from the 24th to 27th  of November, during the annual lectureship of the churches of Christ in Cameroon. One of our lecturer will teach on the New testament Church. Please think about this and see how you can support us to go to this Macedonian calling.

Brother Ayaubo is still sick and still in the hospital for the past two weeks now. Please keep him in your prayers.

Keep Cameroon in your prayers. Keep CBIW in your prayers. Please keep our visions to plant and continue to water tirelessly in our country in your prayers. The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments. Please, we are ready with our spirit to help as many as we can to hear the gospel which will help them fear God and eventually they will keep His command.

Do your best to share this with others. God can touch and encourage someone to come to us. God bless you in all your endeavors.

Elangwe and family.
Evangelist of the churches of Christ.
By His grace, Director CBIW 

Posted on October 10, 2011 .