Committed To Cameroon...

On January 4, 2011 Ralph Williams, my dad (Fred Austin) and myself were blessed to participate in the opening ceremony for the first class of the Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu (CBIW).  Twenty students, three instructors, one director and one sanctified people are all very committed to this school.  It was not only encouraging to see the sacrifice of these brothers for the Lord's kingdom, but to see the excitement of the Cameroon brethren.   Over 340 people showed support for the school and most of them were brethren from the area churches.  The chief official of Wotutu was there and another official from a neighboring town.  Twenty three brotherhood preachers were there to support the school as well.  One sister told me, "You don't know how many years we have prayed and fasted for a preaching school in Cameroon...everyone is very happy."  

The ceremony started nearly two hours late because of our absence.  First, our driver showed up an hour late to pick us up, then our van broke down on the way.  Four of us caught a taxi, but within the next five minutes we were pulled over by the police which took another fifteen minutes.  After getting back on the road, 10 minutes later the cab driver stopped because he was afraid another police office was ahead, so our sister Mary (who we were staying with) got out and proceeded to drive the taxi the rest of the way to the ceremony (and sure enough we were stopped, but the officer let us go).  
Sunday we worshipped with the brethren in Wotutu.  Monday we had orientation and the students were moving into the dorms.  Tuesday we had the opening ceremony for the school and Wednesday the first class of Old Testament 1 began.  The normal schedule will include OT 1, Christian Evidences, How We Got the Bible and Using the English Language.  Classes go four days a week with Friday being a day for learning a vocational skill (for now they are going to be taught how to use a computer).  
Please continue to pray for this new work.  
In His service, 

Posted on January 9, 2011 .