From Persecution to Opportunity...

Center for Biblical Studies, Kpalime, Togo

The following report from Willie Gley continues to remind us of the difficulties the men who are in school face in standing true to the gospel.

In my last report I mentioned the difficult situation in which David finds himself as a preacher. His former boss was angry with him for leaving the church that brought him to Akpadape about nine years ago. He was evicted and warned not to have anything to do with the church. Later, David was 

summoned to appear before a judge in Kpalime, his crime was that he left the church and has taken some members with him to Church of Christ.  The judge referred them to the chief of Akpadape to resolve the conflict. The two parties appeared before the chief but he also concluded by 2.

Saying it was not a crime to leave one church for another. The surprising thing was that, the chief became interested in knowing more about the Church of Christ and therefore requested some literature to read. Now, we are contemplating organizing an open air preaching in the 

village. During my visit in December for the end of year program, I visited the chief’s palace to meet the chief and the elders of the village. The meeting was cordial and the chief expressed his appreciation for the Church. David has now been summoned to appear before his former Church council in 

Lome the capital of Togo. I will inform you of the outcome. 

Willie Gley

Posted on January 31, 2011 .