Campaign in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

It is amazing to say hello to you and to all those around you this moment.  We are excited about your welfare. We are appreciating God for you and your family because of all that you do for the gospel of Jesus.

Your family here in CBIW is doing great. We thank God for His care and providence to us and the work He has entrusted in our hands.

Brethren, you can’t imagine how time flies. CBIW is already one month in existence and we are thankful to God for the work so far, which is becoming interesting daily to our students and the staff. Students are all up right in health and their morality for this past month that we spent together. It is our prayer that all we planned to do keeps going smoothly so that we shall always have opportunity to appreciate God.

The studies keep exposing our students to the realities of the Ministry of Christ. It sounds very wonderful for them as they confessed, they shall never regret their Divine calling into the ministry of preaching to save souls (PROV 11:30).

Last week was characterized with a test from all lecturers just for us to see how far our students are able to absorbed the knowledge. Next week we shall mark the script and we shall really see the realities of our findings. Just wait as we shall share that with you.

Thursday, after school the students and I embarked on a trip which is marked in history as our first missionary journey to MALENDE church of Christ. This is a congregation which was established above 30 years ago but it is still a baby at that age.

We used the other hired van till we reached our destination safe and sound. The students set for work as they stormed the village. You can see brother Norbert and brother Muofo Bernard preaching to this couple for house to house evangelism. Other students where scattered all over the village. This was the time for us to put into practice our school motto, EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION, AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM.

Mulango baptized another convert. We really appreciate God for blessing our efforts of evangelism to help that weak congregation with 8 souls and 4 restoration and more than 20 prospects who came for worship this Sunday but need to be baptize. The work really is great but few laborers,(Matt 9:36-38). What shall be the fate of the church which has been strengthen to that level? The students are back in school. Who will conserve these souls and nurture them to maturity? There is no preacher. That is our worries.

You can see our students being happy for the first outing which was fruitful both physically and spiritually. The host congregation, even though in that state, gave food stuff  like plantains (bananas), garri, and cooking oil to the students. This will help feed the students for some weeks.

The host congregation appreciated CBIW for the wonderful work and the revitalization of their spirits  and prays that CBIW administration think about them daily, and should do everything possible to transport a student on weekends to come and help them while they will help in feeding the student when ever he is around. The question to this appeal is difficult for CBIW because of finances.

The congregation also offered a special prayers for CBIW and Bear Valley and all those who are in partner to see that this work keeps moving because the school will do great things in Cameroon in the area of evangelism and demolishing all strong holds of the devil.

The student’s commitment for evangelism was a strong tool for growth and also a way of attracting other young men who have shown interest to come to school to be trained. But I have encouraged them to stay focus till 2013 for the next intake. We are happy because we see our prayers answered with glory to His name.

The presence of CBIW in this lectureship created a strong hope for the future of the church in Cameroon. Many congregations will need them in their areas to help, just like the Macedonian call to Paul. We are willing to go far and near, but we presently have no strong financial means to meet up with all this invitations. The nature of the congregations here is pitiful. They are not capable to help us financially to help them. That is a stumbling block for the work, but we are trusting God to take it off our way.

Mile fourteen congregation came crying that we should come over to their place and dismantle denominationalism in February, ending before the school goes for break for the first quarter in March. We have accepted, but we still put all our trust in God to support us with any means for us to go and do His will. Soul saving is our business.

We continue our classes normally again, as we enter another week full with activities. We pray you will always remember us and see how you can push this work ahead.

Stay blessed and stay safe and sound. We do appreciate you for all you are doing for us. Please continue because we lack words to appreciate your gestures towards us. Do your best to tell others about this work. I am very excited that God has given the power to serve, and I am happy with all that He is helping me to accomplished. Please, you are the tool in His hands. God bless you, the church and your family. 

Elangwe Esowe Greg

By His grace Director of CBIW

Posted on January 30, 2011 .