Uganda Lectureship

Although we are still in end year holidays we are still very busy with preparations for the next quarter’s lessons. In our long quarter, we are going to be teaching the following subjects when we resume our classes on 10th January 2011. (1) The book of Isaiah will be taught by brother Samson Omutele from Babadogo Church of Christ. He will be teaching both Kiswahili and English classes. (2) The books of Psalms and Prison Epistles will be taught by brother Isaac Kusupa from Arusha, Tanzania. He will be teaching only Kiswahili classes. (3) Brother Christopher Ouma will be teaching Psalms and Prison Epistles in English classes. (4) Expository preaching will be taught by Julius Munyuru/Francis Wechesa in both classes. 

We are very much appreciative to what our American brothers are doing for the brethren in Uganda. The Woodland Oaks church of Christ in Houston has helped us in building this wonderful complex. With the canopy being ready, we can now use it as our dining hall, as well as chapel place. Last year we rented tents during our graduation ceremony, but this time there will be no need for hiring tents. We have enough room for over three hundred people.

This is a big blessing for this country and for the church of Christ in East and Central Africa. The administration and kitchen and teacher’s quarter blocks are not yet built, but still with what we have now, we can run the school without any interruption. We have been blessed also with fourteen more acres which we are going to use for farming before we build on a primary and Secondary school as planned.

We have just finished our first Annual Lectureship which started on 16th December 2010 and ended on 18th December. Sixteen congregations attended and over one hundrend people were assembling during these days. Out of our eleven graduates, nine attended and they each taught a lesson. We managed to study from the book of 1 Corinthians

People are ready to hear the Gospel regardless of the distance from their homes to the venue. People came as far as 40 kilometers for the lectureship on foot and some by bicycles.

Ayenga David– TAKING A BROTHER TO COURTS OF LAW 1 Corinthians  6:1-11 

Ouma John - MARRIAGE 1 Corinthians 7:1-24     

Juma Solomon - DEALING WITH FORNICATION 1 Corinthians 6:12-20  

Olwenyi Richard - MEAT OFFERED TO IDOLS 1 Corinthians 8:1-13. 

Okochi Josephat - SELF–SACRIFICE 1 Corinthians 9:1-27  

Ouma Dickson - PARTY  STRIFE 1 Corinthians 1:10-3:23   

Ogema Aggrey - RELATION OF MEN AND WOMEN 1 Corinthians 11:2-34

Sande Steven -  VIRGINS 1 Corinthians 7:25-40 

This was a good time of fellowship and learning from the word of God. Our graduates and their wives were given some gifts. They went back very happy and renewed. During these three days we slaughtered one of our pigs which all enjoyed. We thank you very much for your support that is making us manage to do such things. It would be impossible for such things to happen here without your help. May the Lord bless you all the brethren at the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ. Next year we will study from the book of Ephesians.



Brother Phophilus Mukota reported: Thank you brother for the good work you are doing to support us in preaching the gospel of Christ. We are asking for your prayers so that the brethren here may understand the difference from New Testament Christianity and the denominational teaching. One of our preachers has been taken by the false teachers from the  church of Christ of the latter day saints. These people have come here in Congo and are spreading their false doctrine. They have visited some of our new congregations which we planted in Lweba, Mboko, and Fizi and also Kikwena. Our brothers, when they saw that these people are also calling themselves Church of Christ, they just welcomed them to teach the congregation. Thanks be to God who used brother Mtednjwa, a preacher of Baraka congregation, who informed me what was happening in those congregations. We planned the two of us to visit these congregations trying to correct their understanding on the doctrine of those people. Francis we inform you that we have spent $50 as our transport to these areas. The next time you send us our support please include the fifty dollars which we have spent, we just borrowed it. The brethren after seeing us there informing them that church of Christ of the latter day saints is not part of the Church of Christ, they welcomed us again. Brother Francis, we need you to visit us and hold seminars together with us in these churches so that the brethren can grow in the Lord. These congregations, as you know, do not have any where to meet. They are meeting in homes of members. Tell our brothers who  are in America that we appreciate the support they are supporting us. The churches of Christ in South Kivu are requesting for the help of church buildings. It is becoming very difficult to preaching to people who, in denominations, have built places to bring them to meet under a tree in some one’s home. We also need some French Bibles and tracts.  

Report From Samuel Akilimali: Greetings to you. I have come back from Mboko as I had told you. Due to the problems which were there, I have been to Mboko and the brethren who refused to follow the false teachers are there and need our prayers and teachings. Also in Lweba, those who refused to follow the wrong teachings are there. It was my opinion that you help brother Mdtenjwa with a bike so that he may be visiting these brethren from time to time as he is the only one who is near. He could also be visiting Fizi. 


From Mathe Kinyangoma Beni town reports: translation: During these two months of November and December I have taught sixty six people. One man was baptized. His name is Mr. Kambale Syelemba Jeans.

There were no backsliders. Two people have left Beni to start work in Kihura. Kambale Erneste has moved to Goma town. Our sister Jeresi Muhindo died and left four children who are now orphans. Pray for these children. I have been sick for two weeks and even up to now I am still sick. I do not have money to pay for medicine. The denominational churches in this town are organizing for a seminar from 27th December to 30th December 2010. We also request that you bring us a seminar so that people should know the difference.  By Mathe Kinyangoma. 

Report from Bweya Kesi, Kikama Deo and Lumika Kule of Kitoma and Thako areas of Beni Congo: The work is going on well inspite of the high prices of things here in Congo. We have held some seminars and we are planning one. We have also been going house to house. The word has been taught. We are only waiting for the harvest. We need your prayers brother Francis. Tell our brothers in the States that we very much appreciate what they are doing to help us spread the word of God in this country. Tell them we miss them in person. Brother Shadrack has been of great help on this end, as he always visits us whenever he has time. We thank you. Congo has seen the light because of you. 


Uganda School of Evangelism puts emphasis in Evangelism. Most schools of Preaching in the brotherhood prepare pulpit preachers who always need a church to serve as ministers. But Uganda School of Evangelism is mostly interested in producing evangelists, people who would be farmers, carpenters, mechanics, tailors and teachers in secular schools and still be serving Our God in the field of evangelism. In Uganda we need such people with an income who would be of great help to the church financially. The people we are reaching with the gospel are used to get a handout from NGOs, so whenever they see someone with the Bible, the first thing that comes to their mind is some handouts from that preacher. But when they see some one who is doing his own work or business for a living they will also think of doing the same for a living.  

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Posted on January 2, 2011 .