Powerful News In Arusha

Greetings Fellow Workers:

Stephanie and I remain grateful for the many blessing we have in Christ Jesus and for your continued love, prayers and support. Stephanie’s mother continues to improve, thanks to your prayers and God’s blessings.

Below are some excerpts from some of our co-workers in the Kingdom, enough said:

William, Maji ya Chai evangelist: “We have baptized the son of Josephat after a long study with him, Glory be to God. We have some classes going on knowing that the false teachers roaming, we need to pray all the time without ceasing. I Thess. 5:17.”

Josaphat, Moshi evangelist: “To us it has been a really happy new year especially when two precious souls were added to Lord's Church.  daughter Lucy and Ana a daughter of one of the faithful we pray that they continue to grow in faith.” 

Innocent, Monduli evangelist: My son Patrick was baptized 2 weeks ago after he came back from young camp at Kisongo also there is another one called Moita from Olesokoine school baptized too. The young boys who came from camp are teaching Bible class and preaching Sundays, then the Church knows how they learn and apply their knowledge, they did wonderfully. This month 2 workers Dr. and Nurse were baptized and we pray for them to be faithful.

Kambarage, a wise and faithful Christian at Arusha: “…when we arrived it was a great joy to see my parents, relatives and family in Christ were very well. Our happy father and mother are proceeding well but they are becoming old. On the new year we had a meal together it was a joyful occasion. I (KAMBARAGE) preached in the evening, on “the Church” and PATRICK (our oldest son) also preached twice on Sunday on two different congregations. My father, CHANDO (who preached for the Arusha congregation for 20 years was very excited for PATRICK (his grandson) to be able to preach and he thanks you both for nursing them physically and spiritually… BY KAMBARAGES FAMILY.” 

We hope and pray this note finds you blessed and off to a great start to our New Year in the Lord. May our God be with you all each step of the way.

In Him,

Cy & Stephanie

Posted on January 15, 2011 .