Short Courses Grow in Nepal

Brothers in Christ………………………..

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love and peace be with you all.


After having a long 5 weeks of holidays in October, now we are running classes in November. It is going well. We had two guest teachers from the States, Donnie Bates and Rusty Dawson, who taught us on 'prayer' and 'I & II Timothy and Titus' in two different weeks. After that, we studied the Scheme of Redemption and Christian Evidences. Next week we are going to study "How to Teach," "How to Prepare Lessons," and "How to Present Them." We will review some of our previous good lessons from Brothers Don Prather, Donnie Bates and Rusty Dawson. We are preparing for that.

Quarterly meeting:

27th of November 2010, we had a quarterly fellowship meeting at the school building. We had a total number of participants at 85-90, including children. That was amazing fellowship for us. Different Nepali preachers had presented their lessons on Mt. 5:3-9. Two of our school students, Dev and Surya, had presented their lesson from them. We had women classes, Children Bible classes and men's classes after having lunch. Sister Judy Golphenee led the women's classes.  Two of our students, brother Sonam and Nir, led children’s classes. Brother Parsuram, Deepak and Ravi led men's classes. Our participants were from only Kathmandu Valley. It was encouraging to the congregations through our school. We will continue to do better for the Lord's congregation in coming days. We must thank our brother Jerry Golphenee, who is always involved in teaching and guiding us in a right path. 

Finally, we would like to thank all brothers and sisters from the United State who are always supporting us. Please remember us in your daily prayers. Thank you all.

Servant of Christ

Gajendra Deshar

Posted on December 6, 2010 .