Future Preacher's Training Camp in Arusha

Greetings Fellow Workers, 

We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us with eternal life in Him. We are indeed a blessed people. The hope and promise we all share in the life to come, is worth everything this life might throw our way. Thank God for each of you who genuinely care through your sharing of what God has blessed you with. We hope and we pray a double blessing in your life for the good you do in His Kingdom. 

We have had a somewhat quite week. Classes have been dismissed until February at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. Christopher and his team of workers are ready for the upcoming “Future Preacher’s Training Camp” to begin tomorrow (12-6-10). The Samford family is due to return tonight, after a couple of “weather delays”. If all goes to plan, and if the Lord wills, I will be leaving TZ for furlough a week from Tuesday, Dec. 14th, arriving in MS on the 15th, to see my lovely bride, faithful help mate, and best friend who I dearly miss. 

Isaac Kusupa will return from a week of evangelistic efforts to Mwanza, the second largest city in TZ with more than one million population. This young and struggling congregation continues in their faithful service to the Lord and has invited Isaac out to preach and teach the saving message of the Gospel. Due to the wonderful generosity of a brother in Christ in MS, land was purchased some time back. The land is “very rocky” and over the last couple of years, the congregation has manually broken these large boulders and leveled the site. Funds were donated by a good family in AL recently to build a temporary building for the family of God to meet. Please keep Isaac and the congregation in your prayers. 

David Bayi sent a message informing me that the daughter of brother Wilson and his wife obeyed the Gospel this past week and was added to the fellowship of believers that meets at Kioga. Cotton Box and (Gene or Dupree, David could not remember) studied with the Wilson family last year. The husband and wife obeyed and have been faithful since. Their daughter, a single mother, was taught this year and is now our sister in Christ. Please remember her in your prayers as she begins her new journey in Christ. 

The evangelist for the Maji ya Chai congregation (William) sent a report recently. He says every Saturday members of the congregation meet in one of their homes for Bible study and singing. He said; “....this has brought much love and great joy to all the Christians. We have some to visit us during the month and one has obeyed the Gospel.” He also sends his thanks and greetings to the brothers and sisters in OK who pray and support him and the congregation.

Thank you all for your continued prayers on behalf of Stephanie’s mother. She improves day by day and hopefully will get to go home later this week. 

Prayer request: Rene Galloway was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please pray to our God that her treatment will be completely successful. God is able, the prayers of the righteous avail much! Also remember Ken Upchurch who is at home recovering from back surgery. May our God bless each of us beyond measure as we walk in the light of the Gospel. Amen! 

In Him, Cy & Stephanie

Posted on December 6, 2010 .