Cambodia Harvest

Greetings from Siem Reap of Cambodia.

It's cool weather now in Cambodia and it's also the time for our people to harvest their crops after months of waiting.

The work is going well, we tend to help our brothers and sisters in gathering their crops when we have opportunity.

I have a schedule to teach a young christian man to become an influence among his family and his relatives, in that we might have an opportunity to start up a congregation at his home or some where around his village, if Lord's willing.

Also, some of the members were influenced by their job that turned them away from God by the pressure of their boss. One of our brothers was stopped from his job because he has no time to worship and take holidays. He asked us to pray for him as he is decided to be faithful to God rather than his work. Now he moved to Phnom Penh to work there and he also has a chance to worship with the church up there. He asked us to pray for him and I think it would be great if you can send him an e-mail or a text. His e-mail is or you can encourage him on Facebook.

We planned to have a local leadership workshop in January to improve our work and strengthen our faith. The purpose is to share experiences and find out what we should do to improve the work and get more souls and establish more congregations in the areas that we are focusing to establish.

Thanks for your support, ideas and encouragement to us and the work.

God bless you all with the work you are doing.

Posted on December 27, 2010 .