A New Coordinator Joins the Staff

I am always excited to see the program growing. It is even more exciting to introduce a new member of the team within the Extension Program. This is the case with today’s report.

Steven Ashcraft is now serving in the Extension Program as a full-time coordinator. Extension training is not new to Steven. He was instrumental in helping establish the work of the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies in Ghana, West Africa.

Steven began working in Ghana after graduating from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver in 2005. His choice of Ghana was connected to the long term work of the Mountain Home Church of Christ in West Africa. The Mountain Home congregation is located in North-Central Arkansas, where Steven was converted. He began working as an evangelist in the Northern Region of Ghana in the city of Tamale.

His work has been very fruitful. The growth of the work would take a step to a new level when he was approached by the leadership of the two congregations in Tamale about having a school to train men to preach the gospel.

It would not be for another year before the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies would begin with sixteen students. The first class started in the fall of 2009 and will graduate next June 2011. Recruitment for the next class is already under way.

We are thankful to be working with the staff and students of the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies as an extension of the Bear Valley program. Having known Steven for several years, and working with him in connection to the extension program, I am excited to announce him as one of the extension coordinators for the Bible Institute.

Steven will be actively involved in coordinating the work in Tamale. He will also coordinate the work of the West Coast School of Preaching in Takoradi, Ghana. Steven’s ability, along with his experience, provide a skill set that will continue to have a great impact on the direction of the work in Ghana.

In addition, his vision of the extension work in all of West Africa will provide an element to aid in the growth of the program. As additional contacts are made and plans unfold, we look forward to seeing more men throughout all of West Africa have the opportunity to prepare for the greatest work.

It is a privilege to introduce Steven as a coordinator for the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. The good news of Steven is just the beginning. There is more to be announced next week.

Coordinator Updates

Remember Howell and Mary Ferguson as they work in Chimala, Tanzania. They will be at the Chimala Bible College working with Garry Hill for the next few months.

Denton Landon left yesterday for a trip to Tanzania to teach in the Chimala Bible College. Please be praying for his travels.

Extension Reports

Center For Biblical Studies: Kpalime, Togo

The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver recently connected with the work of the Center for Biblical Studies in Kpalime, Togo. We are excited about the progress of the work for the past few years and we are looking forward to a fruitful future. The following address is a link to the latest report from Willie Gley who was instrumental in the establishment of the school:http://www.bvbid.org/PDFs/ExtensionReports/Togo10_10.pdf

Bear Valley Bible Institute Ukraine

The latest report from the Bear Valley Bible Institute Ukraine is located at the following address:http://www.bvbid.org/PDFs/ExtensionReports/Ukraine10_18.pdf The report from Denis continues to help us see both the challenges and the joy of the work. I know he would appreciate your prayers.

Final Thoughts

Over the last few weeks I have heard the statement, “it is a great time to be a Christian, to be a part of the Lord’s church.” When we consider the progress of the gospel throughout the world, it truly is a great time. I am so thankful each of you believe the same.

The work continues to be exciting and growing. I am thankful you have chosen to allow God to work through you to share in this work. I pray for you everyday.

God bless


Posted on October 25, 2010 .