Ron & Louise Maynard (Class of 1972)

Ron (1972 Graduate) and Louise Maynard's address has changed to 58117 238th Street, Mankato MN 56001. We are moving from the Twin City area back to Mankato where I served as evangelist from 1974 to 1991. We refer to our house as the "storage facility" since we travel six to nine months of the year as a full-time instructor for the Fishers of Men ministry. Louise has retired from school teaching and travels with me, living in an RV, teaching personal evangelism training classes that meet once a week for three months. Last year we taught classes in Tennessee, Alabama, and Minnesota, and this year we plan to be in Texas, Kansas, South Dakota, and Syktyvkar, Russia. If you are interested in a class with your congregation (free of charge) call (612)963-2808 or email
Posted on April 5, 2011 .