BVBID's Staff 2015 Speaking Schedule

Here is the initial listing for some of our staff's 2015 speaking engagements. As we get deeper into the calendar year we will be adding more information. If any of our staff is in your neck-of-the-woods, please try to make the time to come and see them. Think Souls!


Denny Petrillo’s 2015 Speaking Schedule:

-Recharge - Anaheim, California (March 10-14)

-Ripen, California (March 15)

-Workshop in the Word - Durango, Colorado (April 22-25)

-Southeast Tennessee Bible Institute Lectures  - Knoxville, Tennessee(April 27-29)

-St. Louis Lectures, St. Louis, MO (September 17-19)

-New Hampshire Lectures, Tilton, NH (October 9-11)


Bob Turner’s 2015 Speaking Schedule:

- Leadership Seminar, Brush, Colorado (January 10)

- Greenbrier, Arkansas (February 1)

- Guatemala City, Graduation & Lectureship (March 19-22)


Corey Sawyers’ 2015 Speaking Schedule:

- Kinder, Louisiana (February 11)

- Pearland, Texas (February 15)

- Hatler’s Chapel, Dresden, Tennessee (March 15-19)

Posted on January 8, 2015 .