"Planting in the Dessert" Austin Family Update

Can it be?  Can 1/4th of the year already have come and gone?  It is hard to believe. This was another blessed month.  One of the highlights has to be our week long trip to Monterey, CA for the RECHARGE conference - one of those trips with great memories.  Evan & Crystal were able to go which was great especially with all they have dealt with over the last two months.  Stenson also attended along with Divine and I. Having 3 young Christians attend this conference was very transformational & helpful for the future of our congregation.  

The classes were great & we all benefited by going.  There were textual classes, practical ministry classes & “administrative” type classes - whole lot of equipping going on.  We came back excited to put these things into practice.  In fact, Evan & Stenson gave the lesson when we came back.  They were to share what they had learned.  Hopefully, the congregation was encouraged by their growth. 

While there, we were blessed to see many beautiful parts of God’s creation.  We went to an aquarium that was highly recommended.  It was as advertised with so many different creatures that truly showed the glory of God. I was astonished at all the different types of Jelly fish that were on display.  We were right on the beach which was absolutely beautiful, but we also went on the “17 Mile Drive” around the Pebble Beach area.  This was well worth the time.  Breathtaking views and humbling sounds from the great Pacific ocean crashing up against the rugged coast.  

Another blessing to seeing all of this, was being able to go with my Dad and their preacher Cody.  My dad said he was there in Monterey for boot camp and then also for Language School.  He showed the area he was at the night before he went back to Vietnam. It was humbling and an honor to be with him. I thank God for that time with him. He continues to be such an encouragement to me.

Obviously, I am a little excited about the trip, but even more excited to see the way these young Christians are growing in their faith and really stepping up in the Lord’s work. There is a core group that is really starting to come together. Since Patrick and Shannon have left we are seeing others rising to the occasion and filling the need. 

There was one mishap this month as we showed up one Sunday for worship and there was a birthday party going on! Not sure how that happened, but Evan suggested we go to their apartment complex that had a movie theater that would seat about 40. So that is where we had one of our worship services. The man who was in charge of opening the building was asking about what we did and seemed interested. The next week, he was on call again, but sat in for part of our worship service. Then this Sunday, Wilbert was not working, but came to Bible class and worship. He shows a real hunger for learning. We are following up with him this week. May God bless all of these things to His glory.

This month we have also been in conversation to try to rent our own place in Mesa. It is not on the reservation, but it is still in the area we originally looked at moving into. If all works out we might have our own place.

While we were in California my mom took the kids for the week with her. They always love being out there. They have chores to do, but also so much room to run and play. We greatly appreciate the time she allowed us. Grandma enjoys the grandkids though! 

We continue to reach out to Divine’s brother. Living only an hour away, we try to get together every now and then. One Saturday, we were able to go to the Science Museum together. We enjoyed our time together.

Thank you all for your continued support! We continually get emails, phone calls, and cards showing of the love from the brethren. Words cannot express how much those simple messages mean to us! Our family sends our love & prayers to your families. May God be glorified in all we do!


 Josh & Divine Austin 

Aaliyah, Alyssa, Alayna, Josiah 

1440 N Orlando 

Mesa, AZ 85205 



Posted on April 7, 2014 .