Shiprock, NM Update

Hello everyone,

    Rose and I send our greetings and love to y'all (for our TX family) We have been having crazy warm days over the last few weeks. I am very concerned our summer is going to be hot and very dry. We had our first dirt storm last week, nothing like spring on the rez! In the last two weeks Rose's Aunt Bessie passed and one of her grandson's that she raised was involved in a car accident. He is very blessed to be alive and even more blessed to be up walking around already. We buried Aunt Bessie last Monday and spent the day with the family in Chilchinbeto remembering her life and encouraging Uncle John, Bessies husband. 

    The work is going well here in Shiprock. I have a lot going on as far as studies and classes. We started our Angel and Demon study last Wednesday. We had  20 in attendance and the class was full of energy as participation seemed to come from everyone. We are still looking for "our place in the community" as far as a ministry and outreach. I continue to pray that maybe the Boys and Girls Club across the street still may be our chance, construction of it continues.

    Worship yesterday was awesome. I was able to turn to Lord's Table and the Offering over to the men of the congregation. Joseph led our minds in the offering. He is nine years old and was baptised the fall before Rose and I came to Shiprock. To hear his young voice praise our God for the abundance of our country and the life of Jesus brought tears to our eyes. Wayne and Nelson led out minds for the Lord's Supper and Peter of course led our songs. This is the first worship service since we have been here that all I did was preach and it was so reassuring that these men are on the right track! 

    Thanks never seems to say it but I hope you know how we feel about your prayers and support in the Lord's work on the reservation through our hands.I have attached our last two bulletins, I hope you find them as encouraging as we do!

God Bless


In the Lord's Service

Dan P. Keele

Posted on February 25, 2014 .