Souls Report from India


I still remember the first conversation I had with two Hindu priests. I visited them at a temple,

introduced myself and I said I have few questions from the Vedas, Upanishids and Puranas

(Hindu sacred writings). These two men were extremely zealous for their religion. At the end of

our first sitting of discussions, one of them said, we really need men like you who can propagate

Hinduism to greater levels. Not only were they convinced that I have exceptional interest in

Hindu sacred writings but also thought I would be better suited to promote Hinduism. Right then

I knew that I had substantial amount of work that is laid out for me with these Hindu priests if I

still want to pursue the premeditated course of action. For months I was carrying Vedas,

Upanishads with me to their temple to help them to come to the knowledge of the One True God.

In the process I learned that one of them is a distant relative to my mom who knew my

grandfather very well! That obviously made them receptive to what I am trying to point out from

various passages in their writings and my unending questions geared toward making them doubt

what they have been practicing. Long story short, these former Hindu priests are now our

brothers in Christ!!!!!

We are uncertain of many things at this point and that’s one of the reasons why I did not put their

pictures in a public place like internet. We are concerned about their safety. Please be mindful

and prayerful of these men as they are not just common men who just practice Hinduism. These

were Hindu temple priests and were spiritual guides to several hundreds of thousands of souls

(Hindus) at some point in their lives. We are not really sure how everything will turn out. Please

pray for all of us during this time. I will keep you posted! There were 12 baptisms in the last few

days! Please pray for all these new Christians!

Mani A Pagidipalli

Posted on October 10, 2014 .