Chuck Ramseur Update (2010 Grad)

Hello brethren,

                  The Ramseur family (Chuck, Brianna, Nik, Chris, Malachi, Isaiah, Naomi and Titus) can now be found in Georgia Bulldog country. As of November 1st we began working with a loving congregation, the Lake Oconee Church of Christ, located in beautiful Greensboro, Ga. We are joyous to have selected and to have been selected to work alongside some of the most godly men and women we have had the pleasure of meeting. We are excited about the work and overcoming some of the challenges the area offers. Being a more affluent area of Georgia, located on Lake Oconee, there are many gated and secure communities which present a challenge in door knocking and being able to meet people readily. Thankfully, meeting those same people in the grocery store, at the gym or between the walls of a coffee shop is never difficult. Lock your keys in the car and you will meet some of the nicest Sheriffs your county has to offer. This was an unintended evangelistic method Brianna employed on our first day working in this area.

                  The congregation is excited and has gotten a boost by our family’s presence. Chris and Nik (our newest additions) are acclimating to the area well. They have found work and are preferred by their boss for picking up work as well as taking time off. I am very proud of the young men they have become as they seek to serve God and to be pleasing in His sight. They have begun serving on the Lord’s table and are doing the Scripture reading before the Sunday morning sermon. The men here have incorporated them well into the work and service. Chris and Nik also accompany me to the nursing home in the town over from Greensboro where I have started a Sunday afternoon class and worship service with the residents. The nurses and assistants are interested and are asking questions about the church, so it is very encouraging for the members who go along with us to see genuine interest.

                  We are very blessed to have found a warm-hearted and genuine congregation to call home. The ladies are caring and opportunistic. The men are strong and inviting. God’s plan is always interesting to watch unfold and I am looking forward to seeing what He has in store for the Lake Oconee Church of Christ in the coming years as we all seek to serve with the same mind that was in Christ.


Chuck Ramseur and Ramseur clan

Posted on December 19, 2013 .